Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Less Than An Hour...

That's when the first o' TWO Winter Classic Alumni games today between the Beloved Wings and the Hated Leafs begins, where we'll see these guys:

Hey!  I'll be wearing 25 today, too!

So... Hockey Day In Portales, Part One.  Part Two will be the Winter Classic from The Big House tomorrow at 1300 hrs EST.  Yeah, Buddy!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons LXXV

Possibly the best stout I've ever had:

The Bros like it a lot, too.  Lemmee quote:
Taste: Extremely smooth and creamy with a chewy, nicely odd, mild sweetness that mingles with a slight burnt/roasted chocolate flavour (big chocolate flavour). An underlying hop flavour balances the malt, showing up about half way thru the taste with a hint of licorice. The mouth is left a bit dry with a lingering note of astringency.
Notes: Hands down, and (sic) incredible stout and deadly in its drinkability. Unfortunately a bottle goes for about $3-3.50, making it a brew for special occasions.
I suppose the price is why Young's put that "Pure Luxury" on the label.  Today isn't any special occasion here at El Casa Inmóvil De Pennington unless you want to count the outdoor Happy Hour we're getting ready to launch.  But back to the brew... it's that chocolaty goodness that I like best.  That and the fact the brew goes down VERY well, enough so that it makes me wish I'd have bought more than this single bottle.  I just might have to go back to the well before the day's over.  This would make a great New Year's Eve drink.

Updated, sometime later:  SN1 sent along the following about an hour or so after I put this post up:

Great minds, and all that.

This and That

Lotsa folks are linking Dave Barry's Year In Review... or whatever ya wanna call it... so I guess I will, too.  It's funny but then again, DB is ALWAYS funny.  A sample:
This year was so bad that twerking wasn’t even the stupidest dance craze. That would be the “Harlem Shake,” which is not so much a dance as a mass nervous-system disorder, and which makes the “Gangnam Style” dance we mocked in 2012 look like “Swan Lake.”

We miss 2012.
I don't miss 2012.  I won't miss 2013 when it goes, come to think on it.

I drank what will prolly be the last o' this year's egg nog last evening but I WILL look for more when I go out later on today.  Just for the record: we consumed two gallons o' the stuff this holiday season... single handedly, no assistance required or desired, and by that I mean the period from Thanksgiving until last night.  One whole bottle o' Jameson's went into the nog, along with various and sundry other adult beverages.

In the "It's always sumthin'" department... I got an error message on my preamp (a B&K PT3, pictured at left) when I fired up the stereo yesterday, a cryptic readout on the digital display that simply said "PRESERVE ERR 8" (and yes: all caps, so I suppose it was shouting at me).  Subsequent googling did not reveal what that message might mean even though I did find a PDF of the owner's manual, which didn't contain a list o' error codes.  The system sounds fine and everything works but that error message bugs me, mainly coz it MIGHT be announcing impending preamp death.  And I really don't wanna buy a new preamp.

While we're on the subject o' electronics... It seems like ten years is the average life o' audio components, at least that's been my experience.  I bought my current system in 2000, so it has over 13 years use behind it and just might be ready to expire.  My teevees seem to last at least ten years as well, and then they either blow up or get replaced.  Other electronics don't fare so well; my computers rarely go more than four years before they're replaced, either due to failure or the fact I want something better, faster, MORE.  Let's NOT talk about cell phones, mmm-kay?  Those are a sore subject with me.

And finally... we're supposed to get back up into the mid-50s today.  That means we MIGHT be able to have an outdoor Happy Hour.  Yays!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seasonal Art, Beer Division

We'll be knocking back a couple o' those fine Monks' Ales this afternoon when Happy Hour rolls around but I thought you might like to see the seasonal packaging, i.e., the six-pack carrier, the Benedictines are using this Christmas season.

Click to embiggen

VERY New Mexico, that.  And we do love the beer!

The Sunday Re-Run: Four Years Ago Today

I was bitching yesterday about the fact it's gonna be cold today... our high is supposed to be all o' 35 and right now it's 24 with a wind chill o' ten degrees.  I'm all warm and cozy, however, which was NOT the case four years ago.  Note:

Right Now, Part II

In the "It's Always Sumthin'" Dept...

Our recent frozen water lines episode resulted in a split water fitting on the coach (indicated by the badly-drawn arrow), which resulted in a major leak, which also resulted in the founding of Lake Pennington here on the premises of Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.  What you see are repairs in progress, courtesy of Andy the RV Doctor ("I Make House Calls!").
What you also see are much less than optimal working conditions.  It's frickin' cold outside, Gentle Reader.

Right Now

More of this "Winter Wonderland" shit.  Does anyone have Algore's number?  I need to give that prat a call...
I don't miss livin' in El Casa Móvil De Pennington during the winter at ALL.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We're still doin' that Gershwin thing on meTunes Radio and we heard this while out on the verandah earlier.

This piece is aural dynamite when played through a great system at suitable volume (read as: window-rattling).  It's the kettle drums that make it, IMHO, YOUR opinion may differ, Gentle Reader.  The song is somewhat less impressive when heard through the teeny-tiny speakers o' the mePhone but is still great, nonetheless.

We're somewhat tempted to break out our Copland's Greatest Hits CD, which includes this piece plus Appalachian Spring, among others.  We might still do so later on.

In other news... we're taking Happy Hour on the verandah today, getting while the getting's good.  Coz it ain't gonna be so good tomorrow.  Note:

Well, it IS December, innit?

Saturday: Italian Car

The folks that do the weekly viral vid list at the Usual Source are apparently on holiday this week.  So we went looking for an alternative and found this...

Backseat Italians - watch more funny videos     

I wonder why I didn't get a family in the back seat when I bought The Tart.  Ya know, some sorta nice, upscale, American white-bread kinda folks who bitch about Obama, gossip about what's goin' on at the club, golf scores, their portfolio, and all that.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We were in a different sorta mood today so we defined a new station on meTunes Radio for today's Happy Hour soundtrack... specifically George Gershwin radio.  And it's surprised, we were.  Take a look at the (abbreviated) playlist:

That's a pretty eclectic playlist and it's heavy on almost everything EXCEPT Gershwin.  But... that said... Ravel's Bolero?  On synthesizers?  WTF?  It was weird, true, but not as weird as one might think.  But, that said (yet again), the tune got me to thinkin'.  Most American males of a certain age immediately, if not sooner, associate Bolero with this:

Yeah, I have to admit I do, too.  I think sales of Bolero went right thru the roof after the movie "10" was released.  That wasn't me, however.  I bootlegged my copy from an Air Force lending library some years later, but the first time I heard the piece was at home when I was a tender lad at my mother's knee.  Today we went right out and ran down a full performance o' the piece... just for old time's sake.  And here it is:

Beautiful, innit?  And Bo Derek's character in "10" was absolutely correct: it's great music for doin' the deal.  DAMHIK.

A Dollar Short

This was on The Duffel Blog yesterday...

NORAD ‘Santa Tracker’ Accidentally Reveals US Nuclear Targets

PETERSON AFB, CO — North American Aerospace Defense Command is furiously denying allegations the organization’s holiday tradition of tracking Santa Claus’ path on Christmas Eve led to the leak of targeting parameters for America’s hefty nuclear intercontinental ballistic arsenal.
“I thought it was strange that we had Santa starting out here in the Rockies, and heading straight for Beijing and Pyongyang,” said one senior NORAD official, speaking under condition of anonymity. “By the time we had him dropping cluster-gifts on Tehran, we realized it wasn’t the Santa Simulation we were supposed to be running.”

Protests across the world gripped headlines this morning, as even Canadians took to the streets with signs reading, “Quebec Probably Isn’t Worth Bombing,” “Please Don’t Bomb Canada, if You Can Avoid It,” and, “We’ll Do Better, We Promise!”
In other countries, anger was palpable, as diplomats and leaders around the world reacted to the leaked intelligence. Afghan President Hamid Karzai again blasted the U.S. for “corruption, greed, and lack of trust” from his enormous golden sky palace hovering over the city of Kabul. In Baku, Prime Minister Artur Rasizade issued a press release asking simply, “What the fuck did Azerbaijan ever do to [the United States]?” Unconfirmed cables from the U.S. Diplomatic Service in Paris suggested that negotiations were even underway for some sort of surrender.
The whole danged thing is pretty funny, so go if you haven't already seen it.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We've been listening to the Norah Jones station on meTunes a lot lately.  One of the downsides o' meTunes Radio is the objectionable ads you HAVE to listen to -- you have no choice.  One such ad is for the Nissan Versa Note, which begins with the statement "Music and cars.  We can't think of a more exciting combination."  Oh, ye of such little imagination!  We can think of a lot of combinations that are more exciting, beginning with this:

Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Sex and drugs and rock and roll
Is very good indeed
Well, that used to be the case but I can no longer vouch for that.  And more's the pity.

Almost '14 and Our Traditional Boxing Day Post

There's this, for starters...

Yup... drones and mePhones.  That's us.

This is us on Boxing Day for the past eight years or so:

The Usual, Customary, and (Somewhat) Reasonable Boxing Day Post

It's a short one, but.. with the exception of 2007... we've been putting this one up every Boxing Day since 2005:

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

I had to pop out to do a little grocery shopping. All the way to Wally-World and back I was thinking about Christmas' Past and the strangest thing struck me. I cannot, for the life of me, remember a single thing about the last Christmas The Second Mrs. Pennington and I spent together (1997). Nothing. Zip. Nada. I think it’s because the cataclysmic events that unfolded over the eight months following that Christmas completely obliterated all memories of times immediately preceding. It was, after all, the Winter of Her Discontent, and I was completely oblivious. Quite another story.

It is more than passing strange, however. That Christmas was my youngest son’s First Christmas. Even though he was only ten months old at the time I’m sure he had a great old time tearing into boxes and playing with the wrapping paper, as very young children do. But I don’t remember any of it. I don’t remember the tree. I don’t remember taking any pictures. I don’t remember what I gave or received that Christmas. I don’t remember a damned thing, except for the fact we were in Rochester. That’s the sum total!

I did recall, in great detail, the year we spent Christmas night on a British Airways flight from Detroit to London. Our flight left sometime around six or seven in the evening on Christmas Day, and we were at the airport a good three hours before that. There were three of us: TSMP, our great good friend Kim, and myself. It was Kim’s first trip outside the US, and she was as excited as is humanly possible. The flight was nearly empty because, who, after all, travels on Christmas Day? Just us bargain hunters. TSMP and Kim stayed awake most of the flight. I, on the other hand, found an empty row and slept. Don’t you just love empty airplanes on transatlantic flights? It doesn’t happen a lot these days, from what I read.

We arrived at Heathrow around 0700 and were completely through customs and baggage claim in about an hour. The Captain, although he was either a Buck Sergeant or a Staff Sergeant stationed at RAF Lakenheath at the time (ed: and is now -- in 2010 -- referred to as The Major, time advancing as it does), met us at Arrivals. We loaded up the luggage and piled into his ratty old British Ford Cortina with the broken heater and leaky floor and did the patented B&P nickel tour of London for Kim’s benefit.

Sidebar: I use the term “B&P nickel tour” in a very personal sense. TSMP and I lived in London from 1980 - 1983 and we had a LOT of visitors. After the first wave of visitors had come and gone we developed our own little two-hour driving tour of London that hit all the high spots: Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Picadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, et al. We also threw in a few of our favorite places. It was great fun reliving that tour!

So. After the tour we grabbed lunch and went to the hotel for a little nap before our evening out. And thus began the ten-day England Christmas Tour of 1990-something. I don’t remember the exact year, actually. But I sure remember that trip…one of my BEST Christmases (and New Year’s), ever. 

We added this in 2006:
The Best Thing about our arrival in London on Boxing Day was the heretofore unmentioned party we went to that evening. TSMP, SN1, Good Friend Kim, and I went to my Brit Buddy Rob’s place, where we partied into the wee small hours. The most interesting thing about that party was that Rob and I picked up exactly where we’d left off more than ten years earlier.  It was as if we’d seen each other only yesterday. It’s like that with great, good friends.
To quote myself: "That's SN1, The Lovely Miz Lynch, and YrHmblScrb at a world-famous pile o' rocks, the pic which just might have been taken 20 21 23 years ago today."  That's not entirely true, it would be more like 23 years ago the day after tomorrow.  I spent Boxing Day of 1990 partying in London.

What a great good time THAT was!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

My favorite carol...

It don't get no better than that.  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tonight's the Night!

I've shilled for NORAD's Santa Tracking project every Christmas that EIP has been in existence, and this year is no exception.  That said, I had NO ideer how much this annual activity costs the US taxpayer.  Note:

Heh.  RTWT here.  And track Santa here.  The ol' guy is already airborne and headed for Dubai, as we speak post.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Norah... singin' da blooz!

All of your love, baby, don't you fool around
All of your love, baby, don't fool around
Love is a one thing, baby, that you won't find on the ground
Norah singin' da blooz?  Who knew?  Not me, until today, and she does a damned fine job o' it, too.  I think we'll have to add this album to our collection in the VERY near future.

In other news... we took Happy Hour on the verandah on this first full day o' winter, seein' as how the temps were moderate and the sun was shinin' bright.  All is well here on The High Plains o' New Mexico and I hope the it's the same with you, Gentle Reader.

OK, I'll Play Too

A most interesting quiz, brought to our attention by that (other) Old AF Sarge.

Ahem.  We shall now pick a nit: "y'all" is correct for TWO people.  Three or more folks are addressed as "all y'all."  That said, I don't think I have a readily-identifiable dialect or accent but I most certainly retain what Mom... a classic Suth'in Belle, if there ever was one... taught me, mostly in the terms I use to describe things.  You'll note I fit in with my New Mexican neighbors quite well.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


That would be last evening's Hockey Night In Portales.  All the sticks fell in the proper places, not the least o' which was the good guys WON, even though it took OT and then the dreaded shoot-out before they snatched victory from the jaws o' defeat (the Wings were 0-6 in the shootout goin' into last night's event).

We had a bonus last evening, as well.  The game was on the NHL network, which usually just pisses me right off due to their (the NHL net) general ineptitude.  But last night?  The coverage was from the CBC, which meant we... SN1 and I... got to watch Hockey Night In Canada, an oh-so-rare treat for us hockey fans.  The CBC does hockey like NO other network; they're The Gold Standard.  And they have Don Cherry!

Speakin' o' HNIC... here's the opening montage from last night:

Brilliant... just brilliant.  Boy, Toronto looks COLD, don't it?  Christmasy, too.

Cool. And Not Even CLOSE To Cool.

In re: the post title.  Can ya guess which is which?  Sometimes I think there's justification for infanticide.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday: Near the End

The end o' the year, that is.  And time for those end o' year reviews; here's one from the Masters o' the Universe:

I'm pretty sure I didn't search for ANY of those people or things.  Not ONE.

OTOH, I've been known to express the same sorta opinion as this guy:

And I never got fired for doin' it, either.

A slow week at the Usual Source for these things.  I almost posted this, but with over 12 million views you've prolly already seen it.  It's tacky.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons LXXIV

To (mis-)quote that guy with the beard and the beautiful wimmen hangin' on his arm... "I don't always drink stout, but I'm all over the map when I do.  Except for fucking Guinness."  The weather today simply screamed out for a stout and so it is:

Just about the only time I drink stout is in the winter, a habit I picked up during my three-year sojourn in Old Blighty.  My co-workers and I went to the pub for lunch about three days out o' five during the work week and in the winter the pubs were nearly always cold when we arrived, seein' as how it was our habit to get in early to avoid the lunch-time rush.  So we'd grab a table by the fire and order a round o' stout... for the warmth that was in it.  But we digress.

This is my first experience with Sierra Nevada's take on the genre and it looks like we made a good choice, indeed.  My go-to guys really love this brew, giving it a relatively rare 100 points.  And we quote:
Taste: A creamy full bodied brew with a roasted barley bitterness, notes of chocolate and a touch of caramel. High hop bitterness to balance that begins light, turns sharp and slightly tingly, eventually imparting its earthy flavour in the aftertaste and complementing the dry bitterness left from the roasted barley. The aftertaste stays with you for a very long time.
Notes: One of our favourite stouts; a well balanced brew showing both malt and hop complexities without one being the more dominant.
The brew IS rather hoppy for a stout, but not overly so.  We'll be adding a few more sixers o' this stuff to the fridge during the cold season.

It's still wet and rainy outdoors and we've spent a bit o' time at the window watching the rain come down.  Days like this always remind me o' this tune...

When we was together
Everything was so grand
Now that we've parted
There's just one sound
That I just can't stand

I can't stand the rain
Against my window
Bringing back sweet memories
Ah, well.  It's the song... not the memories (well, OK... so I'm not a very good liar).  And that's today's Happy Hour Soundtrack.

No Happy Hour On the Verandah Today

We had a good run o' pleasant WX all week long... until today.  And today?  Well, here's the day, as viewed from the study window...

clickee-clickee for full effect
"Cold and wet" are the orders o' the day... and we're hovering right on the brink o' snow, seein' as how it's 30 degrees outdoors as we speak.  It's been like this all danged day but it looks like the worst has moved on east o' us:

Ah, well.  The WX suits our mood today but we shall brighten up tomorrow when the SN1 fam'bly rolls into town for a holiday visit.  The first order o' Saturday evening will be Hockey Night in Portales, wherein the Beloved Wings play the dastardly Maple Leafs... in Toronto.  A Winter Classic preview, kinda-sorta.  Methinks the spirits shall flow in abundance.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Losing It?

The latest from Sunny...

This vid is dated December 13th and there were only 1,718 views when I grabbed the embed code a few minutes ago.  The comments section is kinda rough on her, too.  It might be that Sunny can't do a regular recurring weekly feature... some people have issues with performing on command.  Or mebbe The Daily Caller is exercising some bad editorial control.  Sunny just doesn't seem to have the ol' snap like she used to, whatever it is.

She IS still cute, though!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In USAF News

A couple o' few items from today's Air Force Association Daily Report, aka the Usual USAF Source...
Slow Season for Hurricane Hunters

The 2013 hurricane season was the slowest since 1966 for Air Force Reserve Command's 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron at Keesler AFB, Miss., according to a Dec. 17 release. The squadron, known as the hurricane hunters, flew a total of 34 missions for the National Hurricane Center, during the 2013 season, which ended Nov. 30—a significant decline from its average of 100 missions, said Lt. Col. Jon Talbot, 53rd WRS chief meteorologist. The Reservists deploy from their home base to St. Croix, Virgin Islands, from May to December so they can be closer to the action. Now that the season is over they are packing up to go home, according to the release. Storm taskings on the Atlantic side of the US are typically flown from St. Croix or Keesler; whereas, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, handles Pacific-based storms, states the release. "We need to be close to the storm to be able to respond quickly," said Talbot. "To do this, we have to make sure we have enough personnel, aircraft, and parts to run around the clock operations to accomplish the mission at our forward operating location."
Wait.  How can this be?  Remember "Superstorm Sandy?"  The big take-away from that storm was we were told that we'd see more and worse storms due to global warming or climate change or whatever other bullshit name for a non-existent phenomenon al-Gore and his minions use.  What happened?

I never knew this...
On Your Radar

New fairings have shown up on F-35 fighters; two ogival bumps on the top rear, forward of each vertical fin, and two on the bottom, one either side, just forward of the tailhook housing. Lockheed Martin test pilot Bill Gigliotti told the Daily Report the fairings are radar cross section enhancers, put there so air traffic controllers can see the stealthy F-35s when they fly through civil airspace. The F-22 has a similar device, and the Lockheed F-117 also sported a faceted version on each side of the fuselage. The radar reflectors—sometimes called Luneburg lenses—are removed when the aircraft is employed in stealth mode.
—John A. Tirpak
One would HOPE the devices would be removed before actual combat.  OTOH, I'd have liked to sneaked a couple o' those Luneburg lenses on to the T-33s that used to fly against us... "us" bein' the long-range radar sites I was stationed at back in the day... in our weekly radar evaluations.

And then there's this..
Minuteman Aloft

Air Force Global Strike Command successfully launched an inert Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from Vandenberg AFB, Calif., Tuesday, the command announced. AFGSC conducts live Minuteman launches twice a year from Vandenberg out over the Pacific Ocean to assure the readiness of the US nuclear ICBM fleet. Missileers from the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom AFB, Mont., fired the Minuteman III Dec. 17 from Vandy's launch facility 4 at 4:36 a.m. Pacific Time. They were assisted by Vandenberg's 576th Flight Test Squadron, stated a release. "Our Airmen maintain and operate this weapon system year round in some challenging environments, and today's test is a result of their tireless devotion to this mission," said Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein, interim commander of 20th Air Force, which oversees the training and management of the Air Force's ICBM force.
One wonders how soon we'll run out o' Minutemen if we fire two o' 'em downrange every year.  The Minuteman III has been in service since 1970, so you do the math.  I don't think we're makin' any more o' those things, either.

I was stationed at Vandenberg Missile Patch in the wayback and saw quite a few Minuteman and other missile launches in the three-plus years I was there.  About which, this:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Discovery Goes Up and a War Story

Occasional Reader Rob sent along a link to this video of Thursday's Space Shuttle launch...

Pretty cool, eh?  Watching this video fired off some long-dormant synapses about other such launches I saw in the way-back.  From my reply to Rob:
Today's (very short) war story...  The video reminded me of watching missile launches at Vandenberg AFB, where I was stationed for a lil over three years.  I arrived there as a jeep two-striper back in '64 and moved into the barracks, as all young troops do.  The first week I was there I was awakened around 0200 hrs by some violent shaking, accompanied by a dull rumble-roar.  Now, I'd been in a few earthquakes as a child and recognized the feeling...  I lept out of bed and literally ran out of the barracks on to the lawn in my underwear, yelling "EARTHQUAKE" at the top of my lungs to wake up the other guys who might be sleeping through this.  And all I got for my concern was angry shouts of derision (and worse) from my fellow airmen, who were NONE too kind.
One of the guys did take pity on me as I walked back in, extremely red-faced and about to fuckin' DIE from embarrassment.  "That was a Titan," he explained.  "You won't feel the Minutemen or even hear 'em until long after they're gone, and the Atlas launches aren't nearly as bad... but yeah, a Titan launch feels just like an earthquake."  The launch pads were about three or four miles from our barracks.
I saw hundreds of launches over the course of the next three years and was also involved in a project to see if our air defense radars could pick up ballistic missile launches (they couldn't and didn't, but that was long ago and radars have changed, along with the times).  That was pretty cool because I was tied into the Vandenberg launch control center in order to start my scope camera three minutes before launch.  I then got to step outside and watch the missile go from our mountain top, which looked exactly like the shuttle launch from that airplane.  Pretty cool, in other words.
You can't possibly imagine how embarrassed I was about that "earthquake" thing, Gentle Reader.  Military guys ain't supposed to panic, for starters, and we're supposed to know every-damned-thing about our service, on top of that.  I betrayed both principles in that episode and it took me quite a while to live that down.

Discovery launch photo from the Daily Mail link, above.
What's an EIP post lately without a re-run?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Good friend, occasional reader, and constant correspondent Lin sent the following along a couple o' few days ago.

We have some anecdotal evidence to support this proposition and even the briefest scrutiny towards the comments will verify what we're on about...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Linkage. Or Apropos o' Nuthin'. Or Sumthin'.

Ask and ye shall receive.  I asked Blog-Bud Sharon up in Santa Fe if I could steal one of her pictures (there are two more) for re-use, simply because it pleases me.  And so...

That would be belly dancers at the Agora, which I assume is in Santa Fe.  Two things are immediately obvious:  (a) I live in the wrong part of New Mexico and (b) the woman in purple is right dead-center in my sweet spot.  As a matter of fact, this gal DEFINES "sweet spot" when it comes to pulchritude.  Oh Hell yes.


  1. The Agora is one of the little shopping centers in the subdivision of Eldorado where I live.

    If I ever hear they are having more performing belly dancers, I will get a quick invite out to you to drive up for a visit, Buck!!
  2. They have those classes almost everywhere you know, Buck. You could sign up for one.

    Just a thought...

    HA! wv: reblog The Google is spooky.
  3. Wait -- I see blue, pink, red and yellow. Who is purple?
  4. If I ever hear they are having more performing belly dancers, I will get a quick invite out to you to drive up for a visit, Buck!!

    That would be cool. Even cooler would be if you knew that lady in purple. ;-)

    Andy: I think those classes are wimmen only. But I'd sign up to watch.

    Kath: The one in purple is one in not-red, not-blue, and not-yellow. It's a light purple, which some people MIGHT call "pink."
  5. See, I knew exactly which one Buck was talking about without even trying to define the colors.

    He coulda just said, "Look at that one...the one that is in my sweet spot," with no visual clues.

    I'd have known which gal he was talking about in a second! ;)
  6. I'd have known which gal he was talking about in a second! ;

    We ARE trolling, yanno?
  7. And while we're on about this... the lady in blue could qualify, too. But the brunette just has that SULTRY look about her. I'm in love.
  8. I actually thought about mentioning that the other gal was pretty close to your wheelhouse, but...

    Well...let's just say I didn't.
  9. Kath -- when the fellas are thinking with their sweet spots, all the blood drains from their brains and they go temporarily color-blind.

    It's a medical fact.

    She's wearing pink -- not even lavender.
  10. Girls! Whacha' gonna do with 'em?

    Wait! Don't answer that...
  11. ...all the blood drains from their brains and they go temporarily color-blind.

    I'll freely admit we become temporarily cognitively-impaired, but our color perception usually stays intact. But I've always deferred to any female present when it comes to the color wheel... because men just don't get things like puce, salmon, and lilac/lavender. Puce is what happens when ya drink too much, ya eat salmon, and the last two USED to be flowers. That's OUR definitions. Your mileage most definitely varies.

    Andy: Heh.
  12. Definitely pink. Maybe you should move further north where there are more women - most looking for inner peace in outer space.
  13. Pink. And speaking as a woman - she is quite scrumptious and zaftig...

    Just observing a fellow female who is proud of her curves. As she should be.
  14. She IS gorgeous. But her skirt is pink, even tho that's NOT where you were looking.

    I'll overlook that you were blinded by her looks, just don't say "trolling" again. Eewww.

    word:persurai (As in, as Buck was persurai-ing the ladies .....:)
  15. Lou: I think I get your drift. I've looked for inner peace in the same sorts of places and was generally successful.
  16. ...just don't say "trolling" again. Eewww.

    I'm open to suggestions for alternative, politically correct language. Should I say "fishing?" "Rubenesque women with shared values and a pleasant disposition are encouraged to apply for the currently-vacant position of consort?" Something else? Ya gotta admit: "trolling" is shorter. ;-)

    Kris: The woman IS stunning.
  17. LOL... a sista with curves in a belly dancing outfit... I knew IMMEDIATELY which one you'd be oodling over without even reading your post, Buck.

    May you ALWAYS have an appreciation for natural beauty, curves et all!

    WV: lickloo (that just make me giggle)
  18. Ahem. All you naysayers' attention is invited to what what The Wiki sez about the color violet, which is... and we quote: "As the name of a color, violet (named after the flower violet) is synonymous with a bluish purple." Pay particular attention to the shade depicted and otherwise known as "'Violet' (web color (#EE82EE) right" which is precisely the color of the garment worn by the object of my affection(s).

    "Consort." *snort*

    Heh. Barristers or English profs... it's a toss-up as to which is more nit-picky when it comes to the language.

    KC: The day I cease to have an appreciation for natural beauty is the day after I'm on the wrong side of the grass.
  19. Purple...violet...whatever.

    I immediately knew which one you were referring to, and I share the sentiment.
  20. I have a theory about men 40 and women with more curvy bodies.
    I honestly believe that most not all but most men under 40 don't appreciate women with more curvy bodies. I have a more curvy body and most men around my age like the model types not.

    I don't know exactly why though.
  21. I'm not sure if I was dropped on my head at some time early in life, but...

    If four naked women were dancing in front of me, the first thing I would look at, is belly buttons. My Mom said I was a pervert.

    Red must not like hers, yellow is too vegitarian, so "pink" and blue have my attention. I'd be holding onto the rope so I didn't faint (low blood flow, etc)...
  22. Ash: It's all in the conditioning. Men over 40 were raised with a different standard of "beauty" than guys who are your age.

    Anon: We're on the same page as far as colors go, but for entirely different reasons!

See what I mean?