Thursday, December 19, 2013

Losing It?

The latest from Sunny...

This vid is dated December 13th and there were only 1,718 views when I grabbed the embed code a few minutes ago.  The comments section is kinda rough on her, too.  It might be that Sunny can't do a regular recurring weekly feature... some people have issues with performing on command.  Or mebbe The Daily Caller is exercising some bad editorial control.  Sunny just doesn't seem to have the ol' snap like she used to, whatever it is.

She IS still cute, though!


  1. I like Sunny. I think her PSA was the best one by far.

  2. Taken one at a time the jokes aren't bad.
    But in the context of a three minute video, it's kinda overwhelming.

    She shouldn't try to pass the buck.
    Ultimately she's responsible for what's in the video.

  3. @ Curt: I love the girl... but she needs to go back to her Ditzy Liberal persona.

    @ Skip: All good points... this was kinda like a three minute "Week In Review."


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