Monday, December 30, 2013

This and That

Lotsa folks are linking Dave Barry's Year In Review... or whatever ya wanna call it... so I guess I will, too.  It's funny but then again, DB is ALWAYS funny.  A sample:
This year was so bad that twerking wasn’t even the stupidest dance craze. That would be the “Harlem Shake,” which is not so much a dance as a mass nervous-system disorder, and which makes the “Gangnam Style” dance we mocked in 2012 look like “Swan Lake.”

We miss 2012.
I don't miss 2012.  I won't miss 2013 when it goes, come to think on it.

I drank what will prolly be the last o' this year's egg nog last evening but I WILL look for more when I go out later on today.  Just for the record: we consumed two gallons o' the stuff this holiday season... single handedly, no assistance required or desired, and by that I mean the period from Thanksgiving until last night.  One whole bottle o' Jameson's went into the nog, along with various and sundry other adult beverages.

In the "It's always sumthin'" department... I got an error message on my preamp (a B&K PT3, pictured at left) when I fired up the stereo yesterday, a cryptic readout on the digital display that simply said "PRESERVE ERR 8" (and yes: all caps, so I suppose it was shouting at me).  Subsequent googling did not reveal what that message might mean even though I did find a PDF of the owner's manual, which didn't contain a list o' error codes.  The system sounds fine and everything works but that error message bugs me, mainly coz it MIGHT be announcing impending preamp death.  And I really don't wanna buy a new preamp.

While we're on the subject o' electronics... It seems like ten years is the average life o' audio components, at least that's been my experience.  I bought my current system in 2000, so it has over 13 years use behind it and just might be ready to expire.  My teevees seem to last at least ten years as well, and then they either blow up or get replaced.  Other electronics don't fare so well; my computers rarely go more than four years before they're replaced, either due to failure or the fact I want something better, faster, MORE.  Let's NOT talk about cell phones, mmm-kay?  Those are a sore subject with me.

And finally... we're supposed to get back up into the mid-50s today.  That means we MIGHT be able to have an outdoor Happy Hour.  Yays!


  1. Franks TV and Toaster Repair30 December, 2013 17:13

    Automated things will save their state into Flash memory, or NVRAM with a small battery backup.
    The battery could be dead, or the flash is dying. So, it is saying it read the preserved state and it is whack-o. Thus, it is time for:

    1) Unplug unit from power for 5 minutes
    2) Master Reset (usually hold down several specific keys while turning unit on
    3) Check if there is a small watch battery
    4) Saving state is now over and the flash is dead, so enjoy without.
    5) Pitch into a dumpster on the way for whiskey.

    1. That's very helpful, actually. Thanks!


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