Sunday, December 22, 2013


That would be last evening's Hockey Night In Portales.  All the sticks fell in the proper places, not the least o' which was the good guys WON, even though it took OT and then the dreaded shoot-out before they snatched victory from the jaws o' defeat (the Wings were 0-6 in the shootout goin' into last night's event).

We had a bonus last evening, as well.  The game was on the NHL network, which usually just pisses me right off due to their (the NHL net) general ineptitude.  But last night?  The coverage was from the CBC, which meant we... SN1 and I... got to watch Hockey Night In Canada, an oh-so-rare treat for us hockey fans.  The CBC does hockey like NO other network; they're The Gold Standard.  And they have Don Cherry!

Speakin' o' HNIC... here's the opening montage from last night:

Brilliant... just brilliant.  Boy, Toronto looks COLD, don't it?  Christmasy, too.


  1. I love the hockey-carol mash-up. As you say, brilliant.

    1. Thanks, Anne. We don't get too very many comments on our hockey posts (as you can see: I have an immediate grasp o' the obvious).

  2. "And they have Don Cherry!"

    Great John God. That guy makes Doc Severinson look like The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit.


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