Friday, December 20, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons LXXIV

To (mis-)quote that guy with the beard and the beautiful wimmen hangin' on his arm... "I don't always drink stout, but I'm all over the map when I do.  Except for fucking Guinness."  The weather today simply screamed out for a stout and so it is:

Just about the only time I drink stout is in the winter, a habit I picked up during my three-year sojourn in Old Blighty.  My co-workers and I went to the pub for lunch about three days out o' five during the work week and in the winter the pubs were nearly always cold when we arrived, seein' as how it was our habit to get in early to avoid the lunch-time rush.  So we'd grab a table by the fire and order a round o' stout... for the warmth that was in it.  But we digress.

This is my first experience with Sierra Nevada's take on the genre and it looks like we made a good choice, indeed.  My go-to guys really love this brew, giving it a relatively rare 100 points.  And we quote:
Taste: A creamy full bodied brew with a roasted barley bitterness, notes of chocolate and a touch of caramel. High hop bitterness to balance that begins light, turns sharp and slightly tingly, eventually imparting its earthy flavour in the aftertaste and complementing the dry bitterness left from the roasted barley. The aftertaste stays with you for a very long time.
Notes: One of our favourite stouts; a well balanced brew showing both malt and hop complexities without one being the more dominant.
The brew IS rather hoppy for a stout, but not overly so.  We'll be adding a few more sixers o' this stuff to the fridge during the cold season.

It's still wet and rainy outdoors and we've spent a bit o' time at the window watching the rain come down.  Days like this always remind me o' this tune...

When we was together
Everything was so grand
Now that we've parted
There's just one sound
That I just can't stand

I can't stand the rain
Against my window
Bringing back sweet memories
Ah, well.  It's the song... not the memories (well, OK... so I'm not a very good liar).  And that's today's Happy Hour Soundtrack.


  1. I have never heard the weather scream for a stout. However, I have heard the ocean whispering "More Rum"...particularly when I have been on a boat.

    1. I listen to the WX quite closely. Never have heard anything about rum, though.

  2. I Get The Blues When It Rains,
    The blues I can't lose when it rains.
    Each little raindrop that falls on my windowpane
    Always reminds me of the tears I shed in vain.

    I sit and wait for the sun
    To shine in my life once again
    It rained when I found you
    It rained when I lost you
    That's why I'm so blue when it rains.

    1. Brilliant. Nice graphics to go with the tune, especially the one that closes it out. I like literal things. ;-)

  3. A really nice tune and apropos for the day here in TN too. Here's a link to my favorite bluegrass, drinking in a tavern rain song, "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight." This is Hank Snow's version, notable for a nice pedal steel break.

    1. Wow. Who knew there were/are so many songs about rain and broken hearts? I can echo at least one o' Mr. Snow's sentiments: I often wonder where she is tonight.


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