Monday, December 30, 2013

Broadening Our Horizons LXXV

Possibly the best stout I've ever had:

The Bros like it a lot, too.  Lemmee quote:
Taste: Extremely smooth and creamy with a chewy, nicely odd, mild sweetness that mingles with a slight burnt/roasted chocolate flavour (big chocolate flavour). An underlying hop flavour balances the malt, showing up about half way thru the taste with a hint of licorice. The mouth is left a bit dry with a lingering note of astringency.
Notes: Hands down, and (sic) incredible stout and deadly in its drinkability. Unfortunately a bottle goes for about $3-3.50, making it a brew for special occasions.
I suppose the price is why Young's put that "Pure Luxury" on the label.  Today isn't any special occasion here at El Casa Inmóvil De Pennington unless you want to count the outdoor Happy Hour we're getting ready to launch.  But back to the brew... it's that chocolaty goodness that I like best.  That and the fact the brew goes down VERY well, enough so that it makes me wish I'd have bought more than this single bottle.  I just might have to go back to the well before the day's over.  This would make a great New Year's Eve drink.

Updated, sometime later:  SN1 sent along the following about an hour or so after I put this post up:

Great minds, and all that.


  1. Mr. Know-It-All is my hero. I have patterned my life after him.

    The beer looks good, too, I suppose.

    1. You know what? I had to think on your comment for a minute or so until the light went on.

  2. Buck, Young’s is indeed a great stout.

    May I suggest Lagunitas Imperial Stout Or even their Cappuccino Stout. Yea, yea…I know, it taste better than the name. You can hardly taste the “coffee”.

    Reasonably priced too.


    1. I don't think I've ever seen Lagunitas products in these parts, tim... but I'll keep my eye out for either or both o' those.


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