Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday: Italian Car

The folks that do the weekly viral vid list at the Usual Source are apparently on holiday this week.  So we went looking for an alternative and found this...

Backseat Italians - watch more funny videos     

I wonder why I didn't get a family in the back seat when I bought The Tart.  Ya know, some sorta nice, upscale, American white-bread kinda folks who bitch about Obama, gossip about what's goin' on at the club, golf scores, their portfolio, and all that.


  1. That's HILARIOUS!!!
    Thanks for sharing. BASTA!

  2. Fiat Fan 45 years ago29 December, 2013 16:58

    A friend bought a 68 fiat spider, which I thought was a huge styling improvement over the 67. He bought it because he just got a great apprenticeship job at a major printer in town, and had successfully avoided the draft by getting a student deferment, and then knocked-up his new wife. They're still married and great-grand parents, although they moved to a station wagon in the 70's :-)

    The younger girl doesn't have many lines, but I can tell she is a race horse, and I desire her, yes - desire, ummmmm.... Momma ain't to shabby either...

  3. @ Christina & Virgil: Thank ya, glad ya liked it!

    @ Fan: In re: "The younger girl doesn't have many lines..." I'd be more of a Momma kinda guy at this point in life. The race horse would only hurt me.


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