Tuesday, March 27, 2018

While we may not be making any new memories... we are making new posts, with some new contributors. I've added a link below to DN2's blog (required for school, not something she chose to do... but did choose to write about Dad)... something you may find interesting; I did.


I hope everyone who still visits this blog has a wonderful day.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy birthday dad... it has been a year since SN1 or I have posted.  We just do not have the affinity or desire my father did for writing.  I do stop in from time to time and read a bit... and wonder how long Blogger will keep this page alive. My daughter (DN2) stops in as well.  My dad was a wonderful grandfather... grandpa-pa, was what he liked to be called by my girls.  The memories I have of him with my daughter's are all pretty darn good... most memories are pretty darn good.  I believe time doesn't really heal the loss of a parent, but it does improve the lense by which we see them; I see my father's wonderful mannrisms and hear his quirky laugh... and smile, then remember all too well that there will be no new memories.