Friday, December 20, 2013

No Happy Hour On the Verandah Today

We had a good run o' pleasant WX all week long... until today.  And today?  Well, here's the day, as viewed from the study window...

clickee-clickee for full effect
"Cold and wet" are the orders o' the day... and we're hovering right on the brink o' snow, seein' as how it's 30 degrees outdoors as we speak.  It's been like this all danged day but it looks like the worst has moved on east o' us:

Ah, well.  The WX suits our mood today but we shall brighten up tomorrow when the SN1 fam'bly rolls into town for a holiday visit.  The first order o' Saturday evening will be Hockey Night in Portales, wherein the Beloved Wings play the dastardly Maple Leafs... in Toronto.  A Winter Classic preview, kinda-sorta.  Methinks the spirits shall flow in abundance.


  1. Excellent pic. We're driving West tomorrow so we'll probably meet up with that WX system somewhere along the way.

    Merry Christmas to you and family.

    1. Thanks, Dan. Drive safe tomorrow, and right backatcha on the Merry Christmas.


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