Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday: Near the End

The end o' the year, that is.  And time for those end o' year reviews; here's one from the Masters o' the Universe:

I'm pretty sure I didn't search for ANY of those people or things.  Not ONE.

OTOH, I've been known to express the same sorta opinion as this guy:

And I never got fired for doin' it, either.

A slow week at the Usual Source for these things.  I almost posted this, but with over 12 million views you've prolly already seen it.  It's tacky.


  1. Ditto on your response to the TV guy's comment. But I wasn't speaking into a live or dead mic or megaphone of any kind!

  2. I never understood how you can make money with talking heads. Do people really watch local (or even national) news anymore? Every once in awhile I'll be channel changing, and fall upon one of these shows and I just don't get it. I can read a more in-depth version of the story on the internet. I mean if they had a push-up bra... maybe, but even then that gets old after the first cigarette and chug of liquor...

    1. I watch the PBS Newshour most nights, but that's about it. I NEVER watch local news, coz my satellite company thinks I live in Amarillo, which is where the "local" stations come from. Yep... I get my stuff from the inter-tubes, too.


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