Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Less Than An Hour...

That's when the first o' TWO Winter Classic Alumni games today between the Beloved Wings and the Hated Leafs begins, where we'll see these guys:

Hey!  I'll be wearing 25 today, too!

So... Hockey Day In Portales, Part One.  Part Two will be the Winter Classic from The Big House tomorrow at 1300 hrs EST.  Yeah, Buddy!



  1. Well, #25 is widely given credit for sparking the explosion that carried the Wings to the first of their recent Cups. Claude LeMieux prolly still doesn't know what hit 'im. . .

    1. That game at The Joe in '97 where DMac pounded The Turtle? That was on my birthday and was the BEST birthday, evah! (I wasn't at The Joe, but I watched the game on teevee from Ra-cha-cha, Noo Yawk.) And then there's this, one of most beautiful goals I've ever seen. That's why I wear Number 25 on my Wings jersey.

      I'll be rooting for Sparty this afternoon.

    2. Yeah, who knew that the ol' grinder had it in 'im, eh?

  2. An' gosh; target-rich environment tomorrow, what with the Wings at the. . . well, that place down the road, and my Spartans in the Rose Bowl. Fortunately, they don't overlap. . .

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed it WAS. SN1 and I giggled like little girls all through Game Two.


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