Friday, November 30, 2012

The Long Road Back

The holidays sure were hard on traffic.  I guess I'm just a water-cooler friend (with certain exceptions, and you know who you are)... but I'm glad all y'all are back to "work."  Heh.

These Photos ALWAYS Get Me

From the Usual USAF Source...

Air Frame: A member of the Kentucky Air National Guard's 123rd Airlift Wing in Louisville gets welcome-home hugs from loved ones on Nov. 10, 2012, upon his return with 57 colleagues from his C-130H Hercules unit from a four-month deployment to the Persian Gulf. Operating from an undisclosed air base in the region, the Kentucky Air Guardsmen flew more than 1,200 airlift sorties as part of the 737th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, moving more than 3,000 tons of cargo and 12,000 passengers across Southwest Asia, said wing officials. (Air Force photo by MSgt. Phil Speck) (Click on image above to reach larger version.)

I can never look at one of these pics without thinking about past reunions.... mainly coz there isn't a better feelin' in all the world than to hold your beloved in your arms after an extended absence.  The homecomings of today are just a lil more meaningful than they were in my time... yet they're still the same.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack and a Nice Encounter

I'm beginning to feel like it's all Lyle, all the time around here.  That's most certainly the case of late, given the fact our temps are moderate and we have our windows and door wide open, availing ourselves (and the neighbors) of our most excellent stereo system, which is entirely loaded with Lyle at the moment.  This tune is from his brilliant two-disc album, "Step Into This House," wherein Lyle covers tunes by folks that were his inspiration and favorite song writers.  About which, this:
In choosing songs to record, Lovett favored songwriters whose works influenced his own style instead of immensely popular artists whose name recognition might boost sales. The writers selected include Robert Earl Keen, Michael Martin Murphey, Willis Alan Ramsey, and Guy Clark. The second disc is largely dedicated to songs written by Townes Van Zandt and Walter Hyatt, with the final track being a traditional piece. (from The Wiki)
Here's one such tune, written by David Rodriguez:

It's a penny for your thoughts,
It's a dollar for your kisses,
Keep a running tab on the time,
'Cause what I've got the most of
Is what she misses,
The clock is hers,
The hourglass is mine.
Such a beautiful, beautiful tune... expertly rendered.  As for the above... I've pondered the meaning of that lyric for years and I still don't have a definitive answer on that clock/hourglass thang.  But I DO have a clue.

Now... about that encounter.  We made a beer run earlier today and opted to go to our local beer emporium, as opposed to drivin' all the way out to Cannon Airplane Patch.  The beer emporium hired a new girl to wait on the counter and she's a mid-20-sumthin', friendly, lovely, and above all, helpful sort (minor digression: and she's right smack dead center of my personal envelope, too).  She followed me to the coolers and told me they had recently stocked a few new varieties of seasonal beers and would I be interested in seein' those?  "Why, most certainly," sez I, following up with "Do you have Sammy Adams' winter seasonal 12-packs?"  "I think so," sez she, "lemmee check."  And she vanishes into the depths of the cooler, returning with the Adams' Fall 12-pack... which was close, but no cigar.  So we picked up a six o' Abita Amber Ale and a six o' Shiner Hefeweizen and called it good.

The woman told me while I was settlin' up that she'd place an order for a few o' the SA Winter 12-packs, made my change, and sent me on my way with a "C'Ya next time, Darlin'," along with a smile that would light up half o' New Mexico on the darkest o' High Plains nights.  At which point my poor ol' heart went pitty-pat, as we've become used to having Sweet Young Thangs such as she address us as "Sir."  I don't LIKE that, but I've gotten used to it.  I know the girl was just using a figure o' speech, but I'm not too sure she knew she'd made my day.  I might go back and buy more beer tomorrow.

And now it's back out to the verandah to enjoy our 73 degree day.

It's Getting Harder and Harder...

... to resist.  The latest love-note from Amazon sent me here, where I saw this:

Ah, but my Inner Luddite is still in control... and by that I mean I have a perfectly serviceable laptop, a state-of-the-art SmartPhone, a Kindle, and a spiffy desktop (ed: Wait.  Did you say you're a Luddite?)... so why on earth do I need a tablet?

Quick answer:  I don't.  But they sure are pretty and wouldn't all my family and friends be IMPRESSED?  Ah, there's the answer...

I Wish It Weren't So


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack, or Christmas Music I Can Get Behind...

More Lyle, from his latest (click the arrow icon to play):

The Girl With The Holiday Smile (Album Version)
I met a hooker at the grocery store
She wasn't bad lookin', she was a pretty little whore
Whoa-o-whoa, she's the girl with the holiday smile

She told me: "Merry Christmas and peace to you"
She said "I've been workin' this whole night through."
She said "Whoa-o-whoa, I'm the girl with the holiday smile"

She told me "Whoa my whoa me, I look so good beneath a Christmas tree"
She said "Whoa-o-whoa, I'm the girl with the holiday smile"
I have this issue with "holiday music"... in that I'm overexposed.  It seems like I get waaaay too much, too early, when it comes to Christmas music.  I truly believe there's a special place in Hell for those people who (a) invented Muzak and (b) those who beat us to DEATH with it, especially during the holidays.  Those aforementioned people have taken something truly wonderful and turned it into something ugly.  A pox upon them and their descendents.

This tune, OTOH, is somethang I don't get tired of.  Then again, it's not somethang I'm gonna hear when I go out grocery shopping, and thank The Deity At Hand for THAT.

In other news... our "inspection" took all of about one minute and 45 seconds, which amounted to the inspector sayin' sumthin' to the effect of "Your place is IMMACULATE.  Any issues?"  "Nope," sez I... "it all works and I'm a Happy Camper." End of report.

Everythang in life should be so simple. 

One of My Pet Peeves

Hat-tip to Shoebox.  I don't buy DVDs, but most CD packaging is JUST as bad... yet another candidate for a visit from The Midnite FirebomberTM.   (Is it too early to trademark my new name?  Do I need a successful mission or two before I can claim the name?)


I came across this 'toon at the Usual Source for such thangs today...

... and then I wondered about Iron Dome's efficacy.  It turns out there are more than a few opinions on the subject and it doesn't surprise me that the Israelis would be tight-lipped on the subject.  OPSEC, and all that.  Of all the articles I read, this one appears to be the most accurate.  An excerpt:
But wait a second, what about the Iron Dome missile-defense system? Don’t the Israelis, helped by the Americans, have the technology that was almost completely effective at shooting down Hamas rockets? Yes, Iron Dome was almost completely effective–about 88 percent effective, in fact. That’s why only five Israelis were killed by rocket fire this year, whereas 44 Israelis were killed by similar barrages of rockets from Hezbollah in the 2006 Second Lebanon War.
The whole article is worth the read, coz it makes the case for missile defense... for both Israel and the US.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack and... Motivation

Lyle, from his latest... which has been in constant rotation here at El Casa Inmóvil de Pennington.

It's got you chained to your earphones
Yer jes' a white boy. lost in the blues...

It's got me chained to my earphones
A white boy, lost in the blues...

It's got you chained to your earphones,
A white boy, lost in the blues!
Well, that's just COLD, Lyle.  We're chained to our speakers, Mah Man.  We don't DO headphones. 

About that motivation thang... we FINALLY got off the dime and cleaned house today.  REALLY cleaned house, and all we needed was some motivation... like this:

Click to embiggen, as always

We wouldn't want the landlord to think we're pigz, or anythang.  Yanno?

A Follow-Up To Yesterday's GOML Post

There was this, in comments:
AND they lie! My wife the RN recently booked a Motel/Hotel for a business meeting with other RNs thru Expedia via Kayak but failed to note that it was a non-refundable holiday special. (On her, live & learn--but expensive lesson, damnit) When one of the key speakers couldn't make it and my wife attempted to get them to simply re-apply the amt to a different day in the same week Expedia refused., claiming they were helpless as those were the conditions of that particular Hotel. When she contacted the place directly they told her that, sorry, they'd love to but those were Expedia's rules, not theirs. and Expedia controlled the internet credit-card booking process. (If she had but booked direct, sigh) "But they told me it was your conditions, my wife exclaimed. "I know," the reservation gal replied with an exasperated, resigned tone, "Unfortunately they lie all the time--they ALL do."

When do the bomb-making classes start, Buck?
  1. We're doin' out inter-tubes homework, as we speak. Been doin' it for some time now... my favorite recipe is Tide and gasoline in old whiskey bottles. ;-)
Heh.  I'm buildin' a cache:

And you thought I was KIDDING.

Monday, November 26, 2012

"I'm Sorry, Sir... We Can't Do That."

Longtime Gentle Readers know I've been mulling over a post-retirement career... or hobby, if you will... of Midnite Firebomber, and that I've accumulated a rather substantial list of candidates for a visit from The New (and Improved!) Me.

Well, we've added another entity to my ever-growing list: Dish Network.  I called 'em up today to let them know I was a VERY unhappy customer, mainly because I get all my network feeds (ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS) from Amarillo, Texas... even though I live in NEW MEXICO.  Now I don't have anythang against Texas or Amarillo, but all those network feeds... which include all football games not on ESPN... are in regular definition teevee, as opposed to HD.  I'm just back from ABQ, as you know, and I enjoyed watching HD network teevee on DIL Erma's DirecTV system, all of which came right outta Albuquerque.

So... we called Dish today and respectfully requested to get our feed changed from Amarillo to Albuquerque.  I was informed by two customer service agents and a supervisor that this just wasn't possible, and was offered some free movie channels as a sop to cool me off... and I AM pretty damned hot, as we speak.  To add insult to injury... we have a LOCAL... right here in Portales... PBS station that broadcasts in HD.  Can I get that station on Dish?  Nooooo...

So.  I informed the bastards that I will drop them like a fucking hot rock once my contract is up.  I'll prolly go back to cable (which has HD feeds from ABQ, AND our local PBS station), unless either Dish or DirecTV gets HD network service in the next nine months.

Well, Yes. Yes It IS.

An appropriate 'toon for the day, eh?  We won't be casting any stones or aspersions at Black Friday shoppers, mainly coz some of 'em are near and dear to me.  But I'm of the opinion that shopping is best done from the comfort of my study...

Speakin' o' which... we just tried to order some of this:
This is a Limited Edition SuperHot Salsa and a collectors item for people that love heat! El Pinto put the New Mexico Scorpion pepper in a salsa for the first time and is bringing it back to satisfy the demand for heat.

Scorpion Salsa is brewed with the New Mexico Scorpion super hot chile pepper, grown in southern New Mexico, which tests consistently at over 1 million scoville units. The New Mexico Scorpion pepper was certified by the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University as one of the top four hottest peppers in the world.

“New Mexico Scorpion chiles are extremely rare,” says Jim Thomas, one of the Salsa Twins who oversees chile supply at El Pinto, “and not all Scorpions are created equal. They have to be grown properly to achieve the record setting heat level and proper flavor which fills your mouth for that chile pepper “high.””

Scorpion Salsa is characterized by waves of intense heat that combine with a distinctive taste unlike anything else. “We created an edible superhot salsa that can easily sneak up on you. If the first bite doesn’t get you, the second will,” said Salsa Twin John Thomas. The one million scoville heat units (SHU) of the scorpion peppers were brought down to a little over 10,000 SHU for Scorpion Salsa, but the sting that will satisfy those who love intense yet edible heat remains.
It appears El Pinto's web site is down, though.  I suppose that's one drawback to Cyber Monday, as opposed to Black Friday.  Brick and mortar stores rarely crash... unless it's from people crashing into YOU.  Meh.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Deity At Hand Smiles Upon Us

Particularly where this is concerned:

It feels really good out in the sun this afternoon... it's warm beyond belief, especially considering how freakin' CHILLY it was in ABQ the past few days and considerin' the date on the calendar.  Late November and nearly 72 degrees?  Oh, my... YES.  We won't look gift horses in the mouth, though... we'll just enjoy one of the few remaining nice days that we have left...out on the verandah with both beer and cigar in hand.

I didn't pack very well for our recent sojourn in ABQ, what with only packing a single sweatshirt, no sweaters, and just ONE light jacket.  I got pretty chilly during Happy Hour on SN1's verandah as a result, but we persevered.  I'll know better when we go back up that way in three weeks time.


The outcome of last night's game was in doubt until the final seconds... but all's well that ends well.  Which is NOT to say that we didn't have the odd moment or three where we clutched our chest and simply hoped our poor old heart would survive.  I'm speaking of that magnificent fourth quarter goal line stand, of course... USC ran four plays from the one-yard line and no TD.  Aiiieee!

On to Miami!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Short & Sweet...

And now it's into The Tart and on the road to P-Ville, where we shall arrive in time to watch Notre Dame put the finishing touches on its perfect season.

Friday, November 23, 2012


You did, Chuck.  It came from over thisaway.

In other news... I'm home alone.  Everyone else is out doin' that Black Friday thang and it sure is QUIET in here.  Which isn't a bad thing.  scuba diving in menorca

Thursday, November 22, 2012

This Strikes a Chord...

Not to be a downer, or anythang like THAT.

Happy Thanksgiving

For the fifth sixth year in a row...  If the Wall Street Journal has been running the same piece since 1961 I figure I can get by with re-runs, too. I'm not quite as good as they are, though. But seriously: Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Gentle Reader. I’m going to be lazy today and re-run what I said last year (in part...there was more), mainly coz (a) it’s all true and (b) I’m fresh out of original i-deers. So…from Turkey-Day-2006:
Of all the things I’m thankful for on this day…family, friends, reasonable health… I thank God most of all for making me an American. Most all of the good things in my life begin and end with that one single fact.
You could do much worse today than read the editorial the WSJ has published every Thanksgiving since 1961.  An excerpt:
We can remind ourselves that for all our social discord we yet remain the longest enduring society of free men governing themselves without benefit of kings or dictators. Being so, we are the marvel and the mystery of the world, for that enduring liberty is no less a blessing than the abundance of the earth.
And we might remind ourselves also, that if those men setting out from Delftshaven had been daunted by the troubles they saw around them, then we could not this autumn be thankful for a fair land.
As true today as it was back in 1961.
The images come from Thanksgiving Corner, which has a great collection of Thanksgiving wallpaper. Normally I'd only post a single topical image, but I was so taken with the second image that I had to post it. Shades of Ben Franklin, and all that.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Could Really Pass On the Turkey...

... as long as I had a lot o' this:

That would be YrHmblScrb and a BIG-ass plate o' red chile con carne and huevos rancheros.  I'm thanking The Deity At Hand for wimmen who know how to cook... and take care of their men.

Yup, we ARE thankful.

♫ ♪ On the Road Again... ♪ ♫

Well, in about an hour.  We must get fully caffeinated before attempting to drive, in the interests of self-preservation and public safety.  The weather radar picture between P-Ville and ABQ is perfectly clear, so it looks to be an easy ride.

Play it, Willie!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We've Seen This Movie Before

But that's OK... Play it again, Sam.

Sigh.  I'll have to remind myself to refrain from lookin' down while wanderin' about the house for a lil while more.  Note one of the labels on this post.

Beer me!

That's too depressing, by half.  I didn't mean it THAT way.

More Cigar Art

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Click to embiggen... and you should.

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, of course. 


In other news... We firmed up our Thanksgiving plans yesterday and we shall be motoring off to ABQ come Wednesday.  DIL Erma usually comes to P-Ville when she's in this neck o' the woods but both granddaughters on the SN1 side o' the house have to work this coming Friday.  So if the mountain won't come to Mohammed... 

Erm was kinda funny on the phone yesterday, asking me if I knew her mother-in-law, AKA The First Mrs. Pennington, was in town?  Well, no... I didn't know that.  But no worries, sez I, after 40 years I'm well and truly past any drama, which is quite unlike the situation with my OTHER ex-wife.  Mebbe some day...  

In the meantime, we're steeling ourselves for a night of tequila shots.  TFMP knows her tequila and has a taste for the good stuff.  And she can COOK, too.  I'm lookin' forward to this. 

Monday, November 19, 2012


I often use this title to aggregate a number of unrelated subjects and Rowan & Martin used the word in a similar fashion back in the '60s for one of their segments on Laugh In.  So we went lookin' for an example o' such and came up empty... but we did find this:

Ah, Goldie.  You have NO ideer how much I lusted after this woman back in the day.  She's still pretty good lookin' for a woman of "a certain age."


The on-line dating game is gettin' pretty danged specific in their targeted audiences... like this:

And this...

Wait.  That's not right, but the point is well-taken.  How in the... ahem... HELL can a blatantly commercial enterprise use a tagline like "Find God's choice for you?"  If I were Christian I'd be seriously offended by that.  Well, mebbe not "seriously," coz we don't get our panties in a bunch that easily, metaphorically speakin'.  But we would be somewhat exercised.

Where's my Buddhist dating site?


Miscellaneous bitches, moans, and groans...  I went out to dust off The Tart yesterday (I dust her EVERY day)... barefoot... and stepped on a damned pebble.  Stepped on it hard, too.  Now I have a stone bruise on the bottom of my foot and I'm reminded of this with every step I take.  Annoying.

I also have an embryonic zit on my right ear that's buggin' the shi'ite outta me.  I'm 67 frickin' years old and I still get ZITS?  What's wrong with this picture?


Decision time: housework or Happy Hour? We just MIGHT put the housework off for yet another day... it's been well over a week since we last engaged in domestic engineering; my sense o' shame prevents me from stating just how long it's been... because it's well past mid-November and our day looks like this:

Ain't too many of these left.  The vacuum cleaner can wait.

BIG Sigh...

Stoners ain't the biggest part o' the Twinkie Brigade... it's more like eight year old boys and people who think like them.  As for me?  I won't miss 'em.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Weren't Gonna Post Today...

... but there's this:  Yesterday was such a remarkable day in college ball I HAVE to put something up, if only to acknowledge this brief shining moment wherein ND returns to the top o' the heap after SO many years o' wanderin' in the wilderness.  There's the possibility that the moment could be all TOO brief:  ND's last regular season game will be played against one of their biggest rivals... the Condoms of USC... out in El-Eh.  The Condoms are comin' down off a humiliating loss to cross-town rival UCLA and might could be tough next week.  Hell, they're ALWAYS tough, and more so when the game is played in the Coliseum.  We shall see.

The Irish cruised yesterday in their game with Wake Forest.  I'll also give a BIG ol' hat tip to both Baylor and Stanford for their timely assistance in raising ND to the pinnacle (the Stanford - Oregon game was a CORKER... best game of the day, IM(NS)HO).  That said, I'd rather that ONE of either Oregon or K-State would have won yesterday, mainly coz ND could beat either team like a stepchild, the Irish would have been Number Two in the polls, and ND would have stayed there if they win out.  The obvious implication is ND would've been guaranteed (sorta) a place in the BCS Championship game... and would have won its first national championship since 1988.  That's still possible, of course.  We shall see.

There are other interested parties that are overjoyed at the Ducks' and Wildcats' losses, too... and that would be all those red-of-neck Supremely Egotistical Conference fans.  I hope to see ND shut them right the Hell up on January 7th; THAT would be sweeter than sweet and I could die a very happy man on the following day.  We shall see.

In the meantime?  We'll just sit right here and watch the river flow.

Added, 1720 hrs:  For those o' you who might have missed the reference above, there's this:

People disagreeing everywhere you look,
Makes you wanna stop and read a book.
Why only yesterday I saw somebody on the street
That was really shook.
But this ol' river keeps on rollin', though,
No matter what gets in the way and which way the wind does blow,
And as long as it does I'll just sit here
And watch the river flow. 
That's by the Stones... I couldn't find a clip o' Dylan singin' his own song.  No matter, the sentiment is the same whoever is doin' the singin'.
People disagreeing everywhere you look
Makes you wanna stop and read a book
Why only yesterday I saw somebody on the street
That was really shook
But this ol’ river keeps on rollin’, though
No matter what gets in the way and which way the wind does blow
And as long as it does I’ll just sit here
And watch the river flow

Read more:
People disagreeing everywhere you look
Makes you wanna stop and read a book
Why only yesterday I saw somebody on the street
That was really shook
But this ol’ river keeps on rollin’, though
No matter what gets in the way and which way the wind does blow
And as long as it does I’ll just sit here
And watch the river flow

Read more:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I Can't Say They Didn't Warn Me...

... but I'm sure gonna miss iGoogle when it goes away next year (note the yellow message block).  My current search screen looks like this:

iGoogle is a veritable one-stop shop for most of the stuff I do on these inter-tubes.  With Red Wings!  

(sigh)  Google giveth, and Google taketh away.  I suppose I have a year to figger out what I'm gonna use as a substitute.

Any ideers?


From an Undisclosed Location in the Middle East...

And from the comments to this vid on the Tube O' You:
Awesome video. Us Army folks in Iraq spoke of the mythical resorts that the Air Force reside upon as if they were fables of ancient desert kings who lived by sparkling oases and, I see it wasn't too far from the truth! I love that part about "wash it all down with some Emirates". I miss that damn water.
Yup.  That's how we roll, Bitchez.

(SN1 sends he's deployed and I'm not)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Broadening Our Horizons, Episode LI

I gotta apologize to Jim, right off the bat.  While Spoetzel bills this as a "seasonal" brew... and Thanksgiving IS "the season" at the moment... the decorations on the label and the carrier shout out "CHRISTMAS," and that's just wrong.  So: apologies.

That said, we grab these beers as soon as they appear simply because we live in a Beer Desert and stuff like this tends to disappear all too soon.  Here's what we're drinking today:

Shiner Holiday Cheer.. rated as "good" by The Bros, and they say this, in part:
Interesting, a flavored holiday ale where we would possibly want more than one. Nice to see something different rather than the usual pie spicing that ends up tasting like organic toothpaste. A good pick for the holiday party, as it will definitely spark some interest if not conversation. This is without a doubt a beer that non-beer drinkers could approach and hopefully get pulled into.
The astute Gentle Reader knows I look upon fruity beers with a jaundiced eye, but I'll make an exception for this one.  Shiner sez the peach flavor is subtle but I disagree... that flavor is up front and it smacks ya right in the nose, too.  That's not a bad thing, to my complete surprise.  I'll definitely buy more of this.

Our cigar today is a Diesel Shorty, also new to me.  It's a rich, robust sorta stick and as such goes very well with what we're drinkin'.


And then there's this...
Dang it Buck, that's some good funny music. Great lyric. And the girl (at least as presented in the lyrics)...she could be the soulmate you've been looking for, no? :-)

  1. I had EXACTLY the same thought about the girl. WHERE are the ones like this?
That's a call and response to last night's ADWH post.  I got to thinkin' on my drive out to Cannon Airplane Patch earlier today about that song, Dan's comment, and my response.  And then it occurred to me: The Second Mrs. Pennington and I were EXACTLY like that song in the wayback... we got gloriously drunk together on the day we met, to begin with.  Add in the facts she was a good conservative Catholic kinda girl (easy, too) and I was a SERIOUS Moonbat (and just as easy) and there you have that song.

Fast forward 35 years or so and she's now the Moonbat and **I'M** the conservative, among other salient things.  WTF, over?

This May Be True

But I really wouldn't know, given I don't do FB and am hit 'n' miss where my Twitter account is concerned (read as: I log on to Twitter mebbe three times a week).  I suppose bein' a geezer MIGHT have some small effect, too.  Mebbe.

H/t: Shoebox.

Tomorrow's Post Today

Mebbe it's coz I'm not fully caffeinated yet, or mebbe it's coz it's Friday and I'm ALL burnt out from my busy week, or mebbe my Muse just wandered off somewhere, as she frequently does.  Whatever the reason... I got nuthin'.  Enter the Usual (Saturday) Source, with this:

Oooh!  Beer... lotsa beer!  And titties dirndls ♫ ♪ These Are a Few o' My Favorite Things... ♪ ♫

We're all better now.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack

So... we're watching The Americana Music Festival on PBS and these two people came on...

You were smoking on a cigarette
Talking about the deficit
Putting all them wild boys down
A-like a drunken Mona Lisa or the Leanin' Tower of Pisa
You were hanging off the edge of town
I overheard Afghanistan is safer than a minivan
Left me wonderin' what I should do
Ah, you're like a four leaf clover
I just had to come on over
I've never seen a woman like you

You was falling like the Alamo

Drinking fast and talking slow
Looking like it's time to go home
Were you hitting on the stripper cause you can't afford to tip her
Or just afraid of being alone
You was openly frustrated
You said Dylan's over rated
For singing Tangled Up In Blue
I don't know what I was thinking I could feel my heart a-sinking
I have never seen a fellow like you
(the following is a call and response from each -- she leads off)
Well you're probably a Democrat,
What the hell is wrong with that?
Nothing if you're Taliban
I see, well, I bet you slept with half the south
Don't you ever shut your mouth?
How much did you pay for that tan?
More than you paid for them boots
Oh, shouldn't you be purging?
You're probably still a virgin
I can't believe you're not on The View
Have to have another round, it's looking like we're trouble bound
I have never seen another like you
The lyrics made laugh my ass off... the tune's new to me, but I sure do like it (the rest o' the lyrics are here... check 'em out).

Back to the teevee... this show is GREAT.  In addition to the above we've seen Richard Thompson doin' his iconic "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and a brilliant duet between Bonnie Raitt and John Hiatt, doin' "Thing Called Love."  And there's more on the way... 


Today we celebrate (?) seven years o' blather; inconsequential ramblings; severely opinionated pontificating; cheesy videos; and bitching, pissing, and moaning in an oh-so-public space.  Shorter: it's our seventh blogoversary.

Here's our first post:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Republican Terrorist


Click to embiggen

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, eh?