Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Update

I KNOW all y'all are just dying to know how the election turned out, right?  I mean I've been inundated with off-line communications asking just that question.  Well, sorta.  Well, not at ALL.  But that's beside the point, coz I'm gonna tell ya anyhoo.  Here it is:
With Sunday liquor sales approved by voters on Dec. 13, businesses serving alcoholic beverages are already in the process of turning in their applications for Sunday liquor licenses, according to Portales City Clerk Joan Martinez-Terry.


Cattle Baron Manager Richard Chambers said he believes Portales has more to offer people and this is one way of bringing more to the community.

He said the Sunday liquor sales will also bring more jobs to the community.

“Vines will be open on Sundays now, so that’s going to be a whole other day they weren’t open before and they are going to have to hire new people and I’ll have to hire new people as well,” Chambers said. “I think it’s great for Portales that people won’t be driving to Clovis to eat and have a glass of wine or beer. There aren’t a lot of eating options here, so it will be good for the community.”
That last bit is oh-so-true... we don't have a lot o' dining options.  One other thang you should know: the vote was 311-278 in favor of Sunday alcohol sales.  It was a near run thang, but P-Ville has been dragged... kicking and screaming... into the 21st century.  Well, sorta.  You still can't buy beer on Sundays at Wally-World or anywhere else (except at Cannon Airplane Patch), for that matter.  One small step...


  1. Separate alcohol and beer sales? How very interesting!

  2. I still don't understand why people can't just stock up on liquor before Sunday; it's not like you don't know Sunday is coming.

    If Sunday liquor sales help the restaurant/tourism business for P-Ville, I suppose that's a good thing. Maybe more tourists will pass through P-Ville and end up settling down there, like you. Let us know if those Sunday liquor sales turn P-Ville into a boomtown.

  3. We here in puritan New England are still living with the ante-deluvian Blues Laws that prohibit retail sales of any kind of alcohol on Sundays. You can get a drink at a restaurant on the Sabbath.

    And Red is correct, especially when you grow up and come of age with Blues Laws like ours. You just - plan ahead. Though not serving in a restaurant is not something I grew up with...though is suspect that New England had laws prohibiting that once upon a time.

  4. Separate alcohol and beer sales?

    No... I wasn't very clear on that. You can't buy ANY alcohol on Sunday in P-Ville and most of NM, for that matter. But now you can have a drink with dinner, though. The new law only applies to restaurant sales.

    Lou: Finally.

    I still don't understand why people can't just stock up on liquor before Sunday; it's not like you don't know Sunday is coming.

    Restaurants, Red, restaurants. People around here DO stock up before Sunday but at least they can have a glass of wine or a beer with dinner on Sunday now. I RARELY went out for dinner on Sundays in the past because of the Blue Law but now I will.

    Kris: As we discussed before... all y'all invented Blue Laws.

  5. Kris, MA no longer has the blue laws. Or, I should say, we're allowed to purchase alcohol on Sundays, anyway. I don't know the entire blue law, so I don't know if it's completely gone, or what. NH is like this too, though it has been as long as I can remember.

  6. Matt - lucky bastard. I'm in CT and I think we pretty much define the puritan ideal at this point.

    That said - MA still has dry towns I believe. Cambridge being one of them...???


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