Tuesday, December 27, 2011


An update... Last week I posted a lil blurb and a photo about the last military flight out of Iraq and there was some discussion in comments about the troops on that aircraft... like "did they make it home for Christmas?"  Well, one of the guys or gals on that plane dropped by EIP last evening and left this comment:
Anonymous said...
You will be happy to know, though we were delayed in Kuwait for a couple days, everyone on that last flight made it safely home for Christmas. Thank you all and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.
 Welcome home, Sir or Madam... and thank you.


It sure is a slow week... the Usual USAF Source is taking the week off, there aren't any new political cartoons at Townhall today, the Guardian didn't publish their favorite vids last Friday, and blog traffic is down.  But there's this, which you've prolly already seen since there were over a million Facebook shares and it was on Red Eye:

I think the ending is cool... poetic justice if there ever was such a thang.


  1. Hah!

    v-word= cloodism
    That's goin' up on the blog just as soon as i get back there!

  2. That definitely IS poetic justice. Good one.

  3. That frog kind of weirds me out.

  4. Nice of you to let those on the last flight out of Iraq know that you were thinking of them. EIP must be be widely read enough to reach and inspire a response from someone on that flight. :-)

    That kid got just what he deserved for teasing that poor frog!

  5. That's just too f-ing funny! Poetic justice, indeed :-)

  6. Ivan: That's a pretty weird veriword.

    Deb, Dave, Jim: Indeed!

    Red: I think it's less a "widely-read" thang and more the result of a google search. That happens a LOT at EIP.

    Moogie: Yep!


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