Thursday, December 08, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXVI, or, Look What I Found, Moogie!

N'Awlins' finest, or so I heard...

I heard right.  This is some good stuff, Maynard.


Incentive...  I got this in the mail today:

This really cheeses me off, or to put it bluntly: Family Values, my ass.  So I ran right down to the courthouse and registered to vote.  Alas, I found out I can't vote in the upcoming city election... you must be on the voter rolls 30 days prior to any election to be eligible to vote. 

Dang.  Now I can't do my bit to avoid havin' to drive out to Cannon when the beer supply runs low on Sunday.  It's always sumthin'.


  1. An Abita Turbo Dog always hits the spot.

  2. I guess I'm slow or sumpthin, but I don't get that proposal. So, the world will be a better place if you can't buy liquor on Sundays, even though all you need to do is plan a little tiny bit and buy it on Saturday instead.

    I think of times when I've forgotten to pick up something to bring over to a friend or relative's dinner invite as about the only time I've ever bought wine or scotch on a Sunday anyway.

    Isn't that cutting into family values by going empty handed or with some lame plant, all because they pass a law to outlaw sales of liquor on Sundays?

    What difference does it really even make?

  3. I remember going back to Colorado for a visit a couple years back, wanting to stock up on my favorite Colorado Whisky before I headed back to Seattle, and saying "shit, it's Sunday, can't buy liquor." Somebody said "Nope, they legalized it this year." I nearly shit with joy.

    Far as I can tell, Colorado still hasn't asploded from it.

  4. No Driving on Sunday08 December, 2011 19:06

    They would save more lives if they banned "driving on Sundays"!

    That's right, more people died from their inability to negotiate traffic laws, then they did negotiating entrance into a saloon.

    Almost 40,000 highway deaths, and people cry about one GI getting zapped in a foreign war. It don't make sense. Dead is dead.

  5. The voters here in Washington just voted to put the state out of the liquor sales business, and privatize the whole operation.

    Of course, the affected union is challenging it in court. Cause citizenry are clearly too stupid too know what's good for them.

  6. NM has one of the worst drunk driver problemas of any state per capita. That said, selling liquor on Sundays would not change a thing. Maybe if they changed the law to no selling liquor on Tuesdays, things would be better ;)

  7. Welcome to New England, where anti-deluvian Blues Laws still reign supreme.

    We have never been able to buy alcohol on a Sunday and never after 8:00pm on any other day of the week.

  8. You've never been able to buy liquor/beer in Minnesota on a Sunday.

    Can't buy a car on a Sunday either.



  9. Heck, I can remember when was the only place open on Sundays was church... or at least it seemed like that was the case. That was back in the day when all of the holidays didn't fall on Monday (HSWHTPFIHC)

  10. BC: Is a Turbo Dog the same as the Amber Ale, or sumthin' different?

    Anon: I hardly ever buy liquor on Sunday, either. But there are times when I do and I'd like the option to do so locally.

    S-Andy: Well, there's some hope for me. Small-town CO and NM have kinda-sorta similar demographics.

    NDoS: Are ya sayin' we should go Amish?

    Dave: Just out o' curiosity, what's the union's basis for challenging the election?

    Lou: The people against Sunday sales are prolly still pissed they lost when Roosevelt County went "wet." It wasn't that long ago, actually.

    Kris: All y'all invented Blue Laws.

    Pearl: I'm all for not buying a car on Sunday. ;-)

    Skip: I remember those days, too.

  11. Kris: All y'all invented Blue Laws.

    Well ... yeah we did. Sorry about that Minnesota!

    Heck, I remember when I got my first part-time job while in high school that stores were closed on Sundays. While I was working they decided to test out having them open on Sundays for 2 months - never looked back about that.

    And in Cambridge, MA you can't buy alcohol at all. Dry town.

  12. The basis is on a technicality of the initiative. But I doubt that to be the real motive.

  13. Thanks for that, Dave. I share your doubts, too.

  14. The Turbo Dog is a differen brew. They also have something called Purple Haze that I have never tried but some people say it is pretty good.

  15. Anything Abita brews is good! I really like their seasonals -- we're leaving Pecan season now and transitioning into Christmas Ale. Enjoy!

    Blue laws suck. I hate it when we go to Arkansas and Christmas falls on Saturday or Monday -- you have to plan your adult beverage needs around a 2-day drought then.


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