Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More From the In-Box

Lotsa stuff in there this "morning," most of it delete-key fodder.  Like this:

I've never had a subscription to the NYT, unless you count the four month Sunday-edition Christmas gift subscription I got from a buddy back in '96 or '97.  The NYT must really be hurtin' if they're sendin' stuff like this out.

And then there's this:

I've never bought anything from Amazon's herbs, spices, and seasonings department but I DID click on a link to 25 Tahitian Vanilla Beans in an old post by Blog-Bud Andy.  Amazon NEVER forgets... that's pretty scary, sometimes.

From my daily Townhall newsletter... there are new political cartoons at the Usual Source, this among them:

You might wanna watch Monday's video again.

The Usual USAF Source reminds me where I should be at 1430 hrs today:
Go Falcons!: The Air Force Academy Falcons host the University of Toledo Rockets Wednesday in the Military Bowl at RFK Stadium in the nation's capital. ESPN will air the football game nationally at 4:30 p.m. East Coast time. "The game is all about the men and women of our military and raising support and awareness for the USO, so having a military academy represented in the Air Force Academy versus an exciting, high-scoring Toledo Rockets team is great for our game," said Steve Beck, Military Bowl president and executive director, in a release. The Falcons, members of the Mountain West Conference, finished their regular season with a winning 7-5 record. They are making a bowl appearance for the fifth consecutive year, a school record. The Rockets, from the Mid-American Conference, finished their season with eight wins and four losses. This marks the two teams' first meeting. (See also the academy's game notes; caution, large-sized file.)
OK, it ain't a BCS bowl.  So?  

The Air Force game is only an hour from now; I just poured my second cup and haven't even begun to make the blog-rounds.  I'm upside down again, sleep-wise, and to further complicate things it's a nice day outside (55 degrees!) and there are errands to be run.  I don't see how I'm gonna get everythang I wanna do done... sumthin's gonna have to give and it might be the football game.

Update, 1430 hrs:  This:

I deleted that, too.


  1. "...don't see how I'm gonna get everythang I wanna do done..."

    Easy to answer:
    1) what can you only do now?
    2) what will still be here after?

  2. It is always scary to find something from years ago is still kept in the big omniscient database/keystroke logger of the universe....

  3. Skip: It looks like verandah time, then... based on your truth-table. ;-)

    Red: Amazon REALLY amazes me with their tailored marketing... that's not easy stuff they're doing.

  4. That's true about Amazon. But, The Gooble is even more's a constant bombardment on screen.

    Easy enough to ignore, but an impressive marketing plan.

    Hey, I caught some of the AF v. Toledo game. Wow, that was entertaining. Not, great football for a defense lover like myself, but very exciting. Can you believe that missed fake PAT?

    Good effort by both teams. Nice to watch a game where both teams really want it, and do their best with what they have.

  5. I've always liked the Air Force football team. I enjoyed watching them play Notre Dame hard, more than once, and I also enjoyed the irony of the Air Force team being a mostly ground attack offense. My Uncle Jim went to the academy, way back in the day, and, of course, now there's you and your AF ties to keep me rooting.

  6. Now don't this just make ya feel proud?

    You been hacked. Swell.

  7. Andy: The missed two-point attempt was the game. (sigh) And you're right, the game was VERY entertaining... at least the second half was. I missed the first half for reasons I stated in the post... but I got my errands done.

    Jim: Yeah, the irony IS good, innit? I didn't know your Uncle Jim went to the Academy... I might have worked for him!

    Rob: I HOPE I've not been hacked. But even if the hackers' claim is true all they got was my e-mail addy.

  8. Hey Buck, Pam's Cousin went to the AF Academy...there is a loooooooong story that her Daddy told (over and over and over) about how he convinced the young man to STAY in when he really wanted to get married, and split.

    I heard that thing a bazillion times.

    But, it was true.

    Pam's cousin retired right before 9-11, then went back in...retired as a General, too.

    Fine man he is. Humble as cornbread...if you met him you'd never believe that he was brass.

  9. ...retired as a General, too.

    Funny thang about the Ring-Knockers. More than half of those guys retire as generals, assuming they stay for the whole tour. Your cousin-in-law sounds like a great guy, Andy.

  10. That's a good price for vanilla beans.

    The AF Academy campus is breathtaking!


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