Friday, October 10, 2014

Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship

Leon Panetta's memoir ("Worthy Fights") is out and it's causing something of a firestorm due to his criticism of Obama's "leadership."  Here are a few such items from the firestorm...

The Usual Source of political 'toons has a lot o' stuff like this:

Here's Panetta on last night's PBS Newshour...

Panetta throws a few sops towards Obama but his criticism is still pointed.  I never thought I'd be in agreement with a senior Democrat leader but I certainly am, in this case.  I suppose it's an example of the "stopped clock" phenomenon... you know, "right twice a day." 

Panetta was on Charlie Rose... for the full hour... a couple o' few nights ago.  I watched this show in real time and the interview is interesting, believe it or don't.  I realize prolly no one is gonna sit in front of their computer for nearly an hour to watch some political wonk pontificate, but the vid is here if you want it.

These events... three books from former cabinet members pointedly criticizing a sitting president... are absolutely unprecedented in my lifetime.  The bottom line: Obama might actually be WORSE than we think.  That's pretty hard for me to believe given my already low opinion of the man.


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