Friday, October 10, 2014

Some Great Plane Pr0n

The visuals are very, very good, but you might wanna mute the audio coz the soundtrack is typical of most plane pr0n, which is to say: it sucks.

You should watch this in full screen HD if you have the bandwidth.  There's something for almost everyone here... Eagles, Lawn Darts, a brief appearance by a B-2, Mirages in several flavors, the Red Arrows... the list goes on and on.  Good stuff, Maynard.


  1. Just as you said. Great Visuals, only made it 20 seconds before hitting the mute. Wonder what the story is about the Mirage with the rear canopy gone?
    Thanks, Buck!

    1. juvat/

      I got a pic of an F-4 with the rear canopy gone and the rail extended, lol. We were down a Wheelus in Tripoli doing ACT/ACM (whatever) and one jock, in our Sq, in a spirited attempt to win the fight "departed from controlled flight" so to speak. His backseater, seeing the desert floor grow larger by the second, and evidently being of the "oh yea of little faith" category, punched out. The ac, however, recovered and managed to RTB. Much hilarity ensued at the bar. Needless to say they never crewed together again, lol.

    2. PS: The pic compliments of my back-seater--credit where credit is due, lol.

    3. PPS: juvat, you and Buck don't just love the ethereal tones of the music?

      Philistines..... :)

    4. @ Juvat: Dunno about the Mirage's rear canopy but Virgil's thoughts are as good an explanation as any.

      @ Virgil: Great story! And no, the music wasn't my cuppa.


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