Friday, December 28, 2012

Guar-an-TEED to Make Yer Mouth Water

Well... mine, anyhoo... especially the shots of the roasting chiles:

Would you believe I haven't been there for about five years?  All these trips to ABQ of late and not one visit to El Pinto.  Sumthin's seriously wrong here.

But it's only been two days since I've had some of their salsa.  Over half of that jar of Scorpion Salsa is GONE...


  1. Stop that!
    We haven't anything close around here... well at home anyway.
    I haven't had an opportunity to search Sacramento lately.
    Well, I suppose the opportunity's there.
    The desire hasn't been.
    Maybe this weekend?

    1. Good Mexican food is the ONLY thing we have in P-Ville. Well, that and some passable prime rib at the only steak house in town. You have a lot more options where you are.

      In the "I'm completely useless" dept... I wish I could remember the name of this Chinese restaurant I ate at in the wayback when I spent a couple of weeks in Sacto on bid'niz. That place, which was actually in Rancho Cordova, in a strip mall, was one of the BEST Chinese restaurants I ever ate in. It was upscale and pricey but oh-so-worth it. That was nearly 30 years ago, so I suppose I can be excused for not remembering the name of the place. Hell, it might not even exist any longer.

    2. There's a really, really good Chinese within walking distance of the hospital.

  2. FA-Moooos!

    Dang...turned on the sensory synapses (or whatever) to them days of living in the US Southwest...chiles roasting right outside the grocery stores...could smell it all over town.

    Good memories.

    Never been to El Pinto, though...usually opted for Pancho's when we made our way down to ABQ from Durango. The boys had good memories of Pancho's Mexican Buffet here in Bossier City. God forgive us, we took them there often.

    "Pancho's" was a memory that they ALL had (me, and The Mrs., too), that drew us like a magnet. Long stories...good memories.

    If I ever get back to ABQ, Imma try El Pinto, though.

    Hot spokesperson.

    Just sayin'...

    1. ...chiles roasting right outside the grocery stores...could smell it all over town.

      Yup, one of the BEST parts o' livin' in this neck o' the woods. I remember living in the Mexican Food Wilderness (read as: Dee-troit and Ra-cha-cha, Noo Yawk) for like 15 years, and it HURT me. But, no more. There's a lot I don't like about small-town livin' and there are more than a few things I miss about The City, but on balance? THIS is where I wanna be.

    2. Like! much as I do not miss about those days we lived in the US Southwest...there are MORE things that I really do.

      I can just see that roaster barrel deal turning.

      I'd better quit. Gotta go to work soon, and if I get started, I'll NEVER QUIT!

      I'm vexed. Mama always said that I was vaccinated with a phonograph needle...

    3. Andy, the best white table-cloth Mexican restaurant I've EVER eaten in ANYWHERE in the world--to inclu LA, which has a bunch of great Mexican restaurants--is LaFonda's in Lafayette, La. And the margarita's are to die for..
      (I think the original LaFonda's is in San Antonio, but I've never eaten there.)
      And the best Tex-Mex restaurant I've ever eaten in outside of Texas or LA would be the Tumbleweed in Louisville, Ky. Had one on River-Road and one in DuPont Circle. (Before the original owner sold them, that is--can't vouch for it now. Our son and his were in pre-school together, so got to know him fairly well.)


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