Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Pretty Is THAT?

The pic is the result of today's restock.  Last week we mentioned we bought our fourth or fifth installment o' Sammy Adams' Winter Seasonal 12-packs and also had minor regrets about not buying more.  Well, we fixed that:

I got lucky... those were the last two 12-packs on the shelf.  Which are now in my fridge.

Beer me!


  1. Back in the day (when I was young and reckless) the vegetable crisper would hold an entire case of stubbies. It wasn't until I was married (the first time) that I even thought about stocking up on food and putting it in the fridge, but it was always well stocked with beverages.
    The ex couldn't understand the need for anything more than a six-pack.

  2. The ex couldn't understand the need for anything more than a six-pack.

    Heh. It's all about CHOICE. To my ex-'s credit, she understood. Then again, that girl could drink me under the table. I sure do miss her. ;-)

  3. There was a time in our early married days that we could not afford groceries, but Toby always had beer in the fridge. And a jar of olives.

  4. The gods and goddesses of hops and malt must have saved those last two 12-packs just for you. ;-)

  5. Sigh, I look at the beer, I look at my blood pressure medicine, I look at the beer...

    Nope, got to take the BP medicine...

    I'm like the guy before Saint Peter in the comic, "So what did you do today" Well, I didn't drink beer or chase women...

  6. That´s my idea of a well stocked fridge.

  7. More intriguing is the Green Label. Nice choice! It is a fantastic accompaniment to a good steak (but you probably knew that.)

  8. I read Suldog's comment, then looked at the picture. Then I looked again... and again.

    Finally I looked at the other picture and it came to me, "Oh, that Green Label!"

  9. It would help if your lighting was better

  10. Lou: Priorities!

    Red: Well, those gods and goddesses SHOULD look out for me, no? I mean... what's a deity FOR?

    Sans: I feel for ya, Bud. Srsly.

    Anon: Thank ya.

    Jim: That Green is GREAT stuff. It's my scotch o' choice of late.

    Moogie: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Ivan: Yeah, Jim was a bit obscure, especially with the food reference.

  11. You DO, BC. You most certainly do.


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