Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack

So... we're watching The Americana Music Festival on PBS and these two people came on...

You were smoking on a cigarette
Talking about the deficit
Putting all them wild boys down
A-like a drunken Mona Lisa or the Leanin' Tower of Pisa
You were hanging off the edge of town
I overheard Afghanistan is safer than a minivan
Left me wonderin' what I should do
Ah, you're like a four leaf clover
I just had to come on over
I've never seen a woman like you

You was falling like the Alamo

Drinking fast and talking slow
Looking like it's time to go home
Were you hitting on the stripper cause you can't afford to tip her
Or just afraid of being alone
You was openly frustrated
You said Dylan's over rated
For singing Tangled Up In Blue
I don't know what I was thinking I could feel my heart a-sinking
I have never seen a fellow like you
(the following is a call and response from each -- she leads off)
Well you're probably a Democrat,
What the hell is wrong with that?
Nothing if you're Taliban
I see, well, I bet you slept with half the south
Don't you ever shut your mouth?
How much did you pay for that tan?
More than you paid for them boots
Oh, shouldn't you be purging?
You're probably still a virgin
I can't believe you're not on The View
Have to have another round, it's looking like we're trouble bound
I have never seen another like you
The lyrics made laugh my ass off... the tune's new to me, but I sure do like it (the rest o' the lyrics are here... check 'em out).

Back to the teevee... this show is GREAT.  In addition to the above we've seen Richard Thompson doin' his iconic "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and a brilliant duet between Bonnie Raitt and John Hiatt, doin' "Thing Called Love."  And there's more on the way... 


  1. You always find the most interesting music.

  2. Buck, you cost me $10 (alright $9.49 to be exact) to download kmag yoyo.

    I had never heard of this guy before -- sounds promising.

    1. I might just follow you in your purchase, J.R. Hayes Carll has lotsa stuff on YouTube and I haven't heard anythang I DIDN'T like.

  3. Dang it Buck, that's some good funny music. Great lyric. And the girl (at least as presented in the lyrics)...she could be the soulmate you've been looking for, no? :-)

    1. I had EXACTLY the same thought about the girl. WHERE are the ones like this?


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