Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack...

... was mostly (but not all, see below) Van Morrison's new album "Born to Sing, No Plan B."  There ain't any Tube O' You videos for the tracks on this album, and more's the pity as it's great good stuff.  But, Hey... your loss, my gain... I suppose, in that I have the album and you don't.  Mebbe I'll rip a couple of the cuts and post them myself... or mebbe I WON'T.  Rumor has it Van and his lawyers are pretty tough in this space.

So... no music.  But we will tell ya about that Jack Daniel's Single Barrel... which is what we consumed during tonight's ADWH extravaganza.  We did two fingers of said whiskey... X3.  The first two fingers we took neat and we were impressed.  The burn that we normally object to... and mightily so... was there when we took the spirit neat, but it wasn't all that objectionable.  The mouth-feel is astringent but not overly so... and the swallowing gives one a very nice warming feeling in the belly that isn't off-putting in the least.  The overall taste is magnificent... characterized by a certain sweetness that's offset with various spicy favors that escape me when it comes to describing them.

We took the next two fingers with a single ice cube and this was the highlight of our night.  The ice mellows out the burn quite nicely and one is left with a most pleasing and complex assault on the palate that's beyond description... for me.

Our third go-round was Jack with a splash... defined as no more than two tablespoons of spring water.  The water worked as well as the single ice cube where the burn is concerned, opening up the flavors while mitigating the burn.

Our bottom line:  While we prefer Woodford Reserve, we'll add a bottle of the JD Single Barrel to the likker cabinet from time to time.  I like it.

Addendum... We're also listening to Lyle this evening and this tune is one of the best on his new album:

Dang, but I love Kat Edmonson's counterpoint vocal on this tune.  Marvelous.

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