Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I will have been in P-Ville for ten years come December, so this is my ninth Halloween on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  Strangely enough, I have not had ONE single trick-or-treater come to my door on these nine eves o' hallow.  I've always bought candy... candy that **I** like... in anticipation of visitors who never materialized.  But this year?  I didn't buy a thing.  So you KNOW what's gonna happen, dontcha?

Mebbe I could take a page outta Obama's book:

Nah.  That wouldn't work.


  1. I got enough candy for both of us ...just in case.

  2. One of my best Halloween's came when I was still single and at Univ of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette (LAFF-a-ette)in 1971 at the home of a fraternity brother of mine and his wife. (Central to this is the fact he was/is a 6'4"" ex Basketball player in HS) His neighborhood had mucho roving bands of trick or treqaters who weren't shy about their demands--even the really young ones. So that year he decided to strike back. He rented a full-sized Gorilla suit--please tell me I haven't related this story before--while I bought a life-like latex mask in which the right side looked like a totally normal person while the left side horribly disfigured w. dripping flesh as if by acid. The routine went as follows:

    The kids would arrive at the door and loudly make their demands. I would open it just wide enough to show the "normal" right side, asking them what they wanted. When they shouted "Trick or Treat" I opened the door wider to show full face saying in my most sinister voice: "Oh reeely!" They would turn and run screaming. But before they could get down the side-walk I'd (I have told this before, haven't I?--oh the hell with it.) Pressing on--there's Always a new viewing/reading audience, say, from Ulan Bantor--I'd take my mask off, yell; "Hey guys, look, it's just! Come on back and get your candy! While the kids sheapishly returned and were concentrating on getting their bags filled w. goodies my friend would sneak around behind them from where he had been hiding in the garage. As the kids turned to go they would be confronted by a giant, growling Gorilla waving his arms. LOL, the kids would drop their bags and scatter like quail in all directions screaming as they ripped thru the schrubbery, flower beds--everything! Amazing none got run over as they darted blindly across the street. (Luckily it was a super quiet neighborhood traffic-wise--one of the main reasons we decided to pull the stunt we did in the first place..) A really FUN time was had, I must say--at least by drunken us, lol

    1. Greetings from Ulan Bator! ;-)

      (a good story **always** bears re-telling.)

    2. It is a good story. I'd never read it.


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