Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack, Musings On Wimmen, and Broadening...

Today's yet another brilliant day, whereby we have our windows and door thrown wide open and are listening to our own music collection, vice the UCR Pandora.  Our first album today was Joan Osborne's "Relish,"about which we've posted other songs in our back pages.  But here's a live version of "Ladder..."

I'm standin' here in your closet
Unbuttonin' all your clothes
I sleep in your bed tonight
But I never find you home

You're givin' me crooked answers
I'm crackin' your little code
I'm learnin' another language
So full it's about to explode

You give me a ladder now
I surely believe I'll climb
It don't even matter now
I'm willing to take my time

I'm gonna love you anyway
Today and everyday
Today and everyday
I'm gonna love you anyway
Today and everyday
Today and everyday

I wanted it to be easy
I know that I'll make you tired
Some tell me you're slow and lazy
Some tell me you're so inspired
Ah... Dear, Dear Joan. One of the reasons I dearly love "Relish" is the unmitigated, raw, and overtly sexual lyrics on a few of the album's tunes.  "Ladder" makes me think of a few conversations we've had with Lady Loves in the past, other songs on the album bring to mind that ol' joke that goes like this:
My father said to me... "Son, when looking for a woman... you want a witch in the kitchen, a lady in the drawing room, and a whore in the bedroom."

Well, I got all three.  Unfortunately I got a whore in the drawing room, a witch in the bedroom, and a lady in the kitchen.
Badda-da-boomp, and all that.  Ms. Osborne strikes me as the sort of woman described in the first part of the old joke.  I've had the great good fortune to know two such women during my short, sweet life... but the first one left me for her husband and the second?  Let's not go THERE.  I think the take-away here is ALL women are whores for the right guy... at the right place and time.  I've been looking for the Holy Grail of that trifecta for a long time now, with no success.  Those wimmen are few and far between.

Now for the broadening bits... We made our bi-monthly trip out to Cannon Airplane Patch today for to do a commissary run and whiskey re-stock.  We were semi-astounded at the HUGE display of gift packs from virtually every spirits manufacturer known to man at the Class VI, nearly all of which included a bottle of Their Best and various and sundry other amenities, mostly consisting of glassware.  I almost picked up a bottle of Patron tequila and a couple of pieces of stem ware (for margaritas, dontcha know), until I saw the Jack Daniel's package... which included this:

I have it on good authority that JD's Single Barrel offering is worthy, this from a good friend who's something of a bourbon connoisseur.  We shall find this out for our self later on this evening, but I will say this:  the glassware is worthy, in and of itself.  While the glasses aren't crystal they are very solid cut glass with an impressive heft.  I hope the bourbon is the equal of its containers.


  1. Are you a vine guy of any sort, Buck? If so, it's that time of year for Vampire Wines Buck. You should check 'em out. Good value for your money plus the additional idiosyncratic "cachet" that befits a true misanthropic loner/geezer, lol.

    PS: Did you ever read the "Misanthropic Bitch," Buck? What a blog! I'll always regreat not printing out/screen-saving her posts as she went off-line circa 2007/8 and her site was sold. She had some GREAT rants. Maybe the "Wayback Machine" still has them..

    1. The Wayback Machine is down as we speak... but, no... I never read her. The Wiki has an interesting article on her and I TRIED to get to her back pages... with no luck.

      I'm not much on wine, Virg. A glass or two with dinner when I go out, but I don't keep it in the house. I'm strictly a beer and whiskey kinda guy. And tequila. And gin. And occasionally rum. And Drambuie. And... But NO wine, thankya.

  2. I usually only drink wine with meal also, Buck. (except fo' when I was in college and drank cheap 60cent/half-gallon Tokay for cheap buzz. lol) But you and I are the exception in America, and it's changed the taste of many of the world wines. I first noticed this when I purchased one of my favorite cheap (relatively) dark red Hungarian wines ("Bull's Blood" or Egri Bikaver which I started drinking at Mignon's, my favorite Hungarian restaurant in London--with a French name, lol--on Bayswater Road). sometime in the 90s. It was lighter in color and simpler--didn't have the "bite" that the old stuff did. My wine guy at Whole Foods in Venice, Ca and the owner of Elio's on S. Miro in New Orleans both confirmed this. said it was a combo of industrialization to meet demands of US mass market and the fact that most Americans don't take wine with meals, but drink it as a stand-alone dealio (like just before bed, etc--mainly women) which meant that a sweeter, lighter wine sold best, as the dryer, heavier dark red with lots of complex tannins only really taste good complimented by rich meats, etc. Thus a good-tasting, cheap, value-for-money wine RUINED by the demands of American taste-buds. Now, (according to Wiki) they've once again gone back to the heavier reds--but only for part of their production as an "exclusive" wine at a MUCH HIGHER price range--the bargain stuff still tastes like grape cool-aide, so no joy there. If I'd wanted the costly high-end stuff I'd have gone the French route. SIGH--another "good deal" ruined by the taste buds of American suburban housewives..

    1. You mentioned Hungarian restaurants in London... now THERE'S an esoteric topic... and fired off a few synapses for me. My favorite in that category was/is (if I ever go back) The Gay Hussar. Really. Brilliant food, very small place (reservations definitely required), wonderful staff. Check 'em out.

      As for the wine, again... my favorites are the heavier reds, too. This is in part because I usually eat steak or prime rib when I go out and a good Burgandy is required.


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