Monday, December 26, 2011

Cue Up Tevye

As in... Tradition!  Blogging tradition, that is.  This year we'll just post a link to our UCR Boxing Day post.  If you've read it, you've read it and if you haven't?  Well, do what ya think is right.  Here's a pic from the sometimes-revised story to whet yer appetite:

To quote myself: "That's SN1, The Lovely Miz Lynch, and YrHmblScrb at a world-famous pile o' rocks, the pic which just might have been taken 20 21 years ago today."  That's not entirely true, it would be more like 21 years ago the day after tomorrow.  I spent Boxing Day of 1990 partying in London.


We wound up with a White Christmas after all.  It snowed lightly ALL day yesterday but the temp stayed stuck at 32 degrees or just slightly above until nightfall.  The upshot was we got about a one inch accumulation after sunset, with wet streets and patches of snow prior to that.  We were completely white when I got up this morning but it's melting off rapidly on its way to 40-something degrees.  Still and even: prettier than it sounds.


I saw this Christmas Eve but didn't wanna ruin Christmas by posting political shit.  After all, Christmas IS a time of peace on earth and good will toward men, and that would include Young President Barry.  But this is pretty good...

Yeah... I've used the theme from Masterpiece Theatre to play the pompous ass myself.  Perfect!


  1. I see that Boxing Day has been disturbed by transportation labor strikes. Yet another example of the worth of unions.

  2. I remember that picture and story - good to know the long term memory is still working.

    We did not get snow, but rain instead since the temps stayed above 40 all day. Not bad.

  3. Thanks for giving politics a rest on Christmas day.

    You got a white Christmas while we got a rare sun and blue sky in Iowa for Christmas -- go figure. White Christmas is fine as long as it melts rapidly -- you know how I feel about snow. :-)

  4. Buck, that video is BITCHIN'! Seriously, the pomposity of the ass doesn't take much help to show.

    But, there are those that need a whack between the eyes with a 2 x 4 to pay attention. Dunno if enough will, but I've got high hopes.

    I spewed my beverage at the end "...get your ego out of it."

    Actually, I would put Obama right there with Roosevelt, Johnson, and Lincoln when it comes to ruining America. (I shall not get in to that right now).

    I remember the Boxing Day post, too, so Lou and I won't have to make reservations at The Home just yet. Funny thing, though...Sam doesn't seem to have aged.


  5. The vid says it all. Of course, the Republicans are doing their damnedest to get him re-elected.

  6. ...get your ego out of it.

    How would he know that works?

    Everything is Barack Obama country once Barack Obama has been there.

    I threw up on that one.

    Well, perhaps P.BO will follow Johnson's lead and NOT seek re-election. I know, hope springs eternal and all that.

  7. The words brilliantly clueless come to mind... he's carried it to a level even higher than anyone else who's "working" in Washington

  8. Moogie: Yeah, I saw that too. Traffic must have been a real bitch in London yesterday.

    Lou: You were a lot warmer than us, but it's better today. know how I feel about snow. :-)

    I DO. And I feel the same way.

    Funny thing, though...Sam doesn't seem to have aged.

    That's Buck (but keepin' track ain't easy, I know) and he has aged. Not as much as his Ol' Man, fer sure, but some. As for the Barry vid... yep!

    Dave: I'm beginning to think you're right about the GOP.

    Kris: He's running, there's NO doubt in my mind. Hope, either.

    Skip: The "brilliantly clueless" bit is a good characterization.

  9. Buck/

    LOL, the day I visited that "pile of rocks" was also a cold, wind-swept blustery, low black cloud leaden gray day with but intermittent shafts of sunlight, but in late Aug! 1971. Typical British "summer day" with tempts in low 50s. We froze our 'nads off, as were seriously under-dressed, having been lured into complacency by two straight previous American-grade level 80-90s summer temps and day starting out much warmer.


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