Friday, September 23, 2011

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour* Soundtrack

The asterisk means it was actually After Dinner G&T Hour, mainly coz we're fresh out o' whiskey and haven't had time to make the journey out to Cannon Airplane Patch to re-supply... said circumstance which we'll prolly rectify tomorrow or Sunday, depending.  But we digress.  I heard this tune from Blind Faith this evening and it's a recent re-run but I don't care... coz I really like the song and it really fits tonite:

Come down on your own and leave your body alone.
Somebody must change.
You are the reason I've been waiting all these years.
Somebody holds the key.

But I'm near the end and I just ain't got the time
And I'm wasted and I can't find my way home.

We've found our way home in the purely literal sense but we're definitely "near the end and wasted" in a psychological sense.  Sorta.  I'm not gonna try and put my finger on exactly why I'm feeling this way, I'll just fall back on the ol' "it is what it is."


In other news... So, there I was, sitting on the porch in the early afternoon today, taking a break from unpacking, enjoying a beer and a cigar, reading the WSJ, and generally mindin' my own bid'niz when this lissome blonde approaches from about two o'clock high and announces her presence thusly:
She:  Hi!  Do you live here?
Me: (With my patented Dumb Look) Yup!

She:  Well, I'm your neighbor... my name is Linda.
Cutting to the chase and making a long-story short...  Linda sat down with me for about 20 minutes (mebbe longer) and we traded the Reader's Digest version of our respective life stories.  It turns out she's a new member of Eastern New Mexico U's faculty and is a speech pathologist, most recently from Newport Beach, California.  We're reasonably close in age* and appeared to hit it off pretty well for a first meeting.  I'm thinkin' there MIGHT be some potential here, with the caveat that I always think that way whenever a pretty girl smiles at me.  Yeah, it's a weakness of mine.

*I will NOT speculate on the woman's age in this space, and will only say she appears to be a fetching late-40s or perhaps slightly older example of Southern California's finest, which is to say blonde, tanned, trim, and NOT hard to look at... at all.


  1. One of my favorite songs. You're just feeling "near the end and wasted" from all the moving hassle.

    Refer to my comment on your last post. Linda looks like another unexpected nice surprise as a result of your move. Things are looking up.

  2. Nice song and Good Luck with the new neighbor :)

  3. Buck, it IS nice to have good neighbors...I mean, the friendly type that come introduce themselves...and are easy on the eyes, to boot!

    It's kinda' sad in a way to see that empty spot in La Hacienda, but your new place looks just great. That sword is a real treasure, as I'm sure the other blades are.

    I know you've been busy, and moving is a bitch. But, it's sure gonna be nice when the cold winds howl, and you can still take a shower & run a dishwasher.

    I'll bet Andy's gonna miss you...

  4. Company already! Good - you need some intelligent conversation - not that your blog buddies are lacking, but face to face with a pretty lady is so much better.

  5. You're just feeling "near the end and wasted" from all the moving hassle.

    I wish that was all it was, Red. It goes somewhat deeper than that and I don't understand why. But, yeah... things are looking up!

    stopsign: Thank ya!

    Andy: Agreed on all counts, especially about neighbors and Andy the RV Doc. Part of the office project is going through a backlog of filing and shredding that needs to be done and I have a PILE o' receipts from Andy. He most definitely WILL miss me.

    Lou: Face-to-face with pretty wimmen is ALWAYS good. Well, most of the time... there are exceptions. ;-)

  6. I'm thinking that part 2 of your story today might help with part 1. Even if it's just superficial and hey, what's wrong with that?!

    Seriously though - don't dismiss the move too quickly. It was more than just a change in location Buck; you've been living "temporary-like" for a long time; this apartment represents something more permanent. Setting down some immoveable roots, so to speak. That is a far bigger change in your life than just a change of address.

  7. I hope the neighbor doesn't read the blog nad say "what the hell! I'm 31!!"

  8. Buck- After your description of your encounter with your new neighbor two things came to mind.
    The horn at the Wings game,home goal.
    and that soccer guy from univision-SSSSSSSSSSSSCOREEEEEEEE!
    Just kidding

  9. Kris: I think you may be right about the import of the move... it IS the end of an era. I've joked with people about dying in Portales but it's closer to the truth than a joke. So, there's that.

    Anon: OTOH, she may thank me. Part of our conversation was all about her nearing retirement age.

    Andy: Heh... right back.

    Andrew: I LIKE the way ya think! ;-)

  10. Well heck, you're both ex-Californians exiled to the Apache Reservation. When you're given lemons, make lemonade!

  11. I went to Walmart on Thursday, and my favorite check-out girl was there. What a dish. She is kind of chunkie, but has all three required dimensions, which makes my hands shake as I try to insert my credit card.

    Anyway, your feeling of potential has only increased my excitement for the next shopping trip.

  12. Outstanding news Buck... :)

    and easily, one of my favorites, a live video with one of Steve's buddies here:

  13. Making new friends is always good. If they're good-looking, it's even better. ;)

    Congrats on the new digs, your place looks very nice and welcoming.

  14. When you're given lemons, make lemonade!

    Ya need to have sugar, ice, and water too, Anon. ;-)

    Ma Jolie: Good luck, Bud! Srsly!

    marc: Thanks for that link, which is EVERY bit as good as the original and better in some respects. I watched that more than a few times... for Clapton's guitar interplay with Winwood, mostly... AND those back-up singers, both of whom are right dead in my sweet spot. ;-)

    Christina: Thank ya, Ma'am!

  15. Linda sounds nice ... and so neighborly ... ;)


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