Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

Well, we got off the dime today and ran those deferred errands from yesterday.  So the prescriptions for pre- and post-op meds have been handed over to a very nice LtCol at the Cannon Airplane Patch pharmacy (who addressed ME as "Sir."  I let that slide.), the larder is racked and stacked, the freezer is jammed with nukable food, and we have more beer in the fridge than I can shake a stick at.  See?

I just lurve the way that looks...

A couple o' random notes... I don't get out a whole helluva lot during winter so I don't take The Green Hornet by the gas station all that much; once a month is the usual, and that might be pressing things where the gawdshonest truth is concerned.  That said... I was shocked to find gas is up to $3.55/gallon for mid-range (remember: it was mebbe mid-February the last time I bought gas).  I don't pay a lot of attention to gas prices as a rule... you can't bargain over the price and you can't go without... so I just fill 'er up and the devil take the hindmost.  I'm grateful for two things (a) TGH is a thrifty girl, averaging just under 30 mpg and (b) I don't have to do a lot o' drivin'.  Times are hard for those folks with big-ass SUVs and long commutes.

I want to express my appreciation to all you taxpayers once more, this time for the fact all the drugs I need (heh) are pretty much paid for by My Favorite Uncle and there are NO co-pays.  My eye surgeon warned me the drugs she prescribed were expensive and "insurance may or may not cover them, depending on the plan."  Not to worry, Ma'am, My Favorite Uncle... and you taxpayers... always comes through.  We are blessed and I thank you.


Today's Happy Hour soundtrack... more Stones:

It's the graveyard watch,
Running right on the rocks,
I've taken all of the knocks.
You ain't giving me no quarter.
I'd rather drink sea water,
I wish I'd never had brought you,
It's gonna be the death of me.
There's some wicked piano playin' on this track and Jagger's vocals are just too damned cool fer school.  This is yet another track from Exile on Main Street (Number Seven on Rolling Stone's Top 500 albums of all time and should be Numero Uno as far as I'm concerned), which is STILL in TGH.  Full disclosure: I own TWO copies of the CD, one for TGH and one for the house.  That's how good the album is.

Beer me! 


  1. That is a vision. Love the sam adams assortment!

  2. who addressed ME as "Sir." I let that slide. I've called you Sir on occasion, has that offended you? If it has, I apologise but I was raised up that way (thank you, Daddy).
    I had to laugh out loud at the shot of your fully stocked 'fridge, mine too has more beerin it than food and it's a whole lot larger. How do you get by with that postage stamp?
    Gas prices? Don't get me started. Gas here is $1.16/liter which converts to $4.43 a US gallon. WTF? And we're in one of the richest oil patches in the world!
    Now that, Sir, is definitely a beer me!

  3. I don't mind chipping in for a veteran's meds. The junkie on free methadone? Not so much.

    Dunno if I've ever thanked you for your service but if not, please consider yourself thanked.

  4. That is one great looking fridge! BTW ... what's your opinion on Newcastle Brown ... it's my brew of choice!

    Great tunes too!


  5. Happy that my tax dollars are going someplace where I want them to. :-)

    Gas - ugh, CT has some of the highest gas taxes in the country. Mid-grade here is about $3.80/gallon; forget about premium, it's up over $4.00. And yeah, we have a big-ass SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee); filled it this past Saturday to the tune of $70. We also have a relatively long commute - about 60 miles round trip. Either we use the Jeep with it's regular gas or we use my car - an Acura 2.5TL that will only run on mid-grade.


  6. Matt: The Sammy Adams stuff is mostly left over Cherry Wheat... but that's OK!

    Deb: No offense taken at all. I was raised in the same manner, so I get what you're sayin'. My point was us sergeant-types usually... always, even today... address ossifers as "sir," and not the other way around. So today's encounter was a REAL "sir-fest," if'n ya get my drift.

    As for your gas prices... it's your gub'mint, innit?

    Inno: Thank ya, Sir... for your thanks. Serving was both my pleasure and privilege.

    Anon: I loves me some Newcastle Brown; the beer is a frequent guest here at ECMdP, I just haven't posted a pic of one.

    Kris: I feel yore pain, really I DO. Srsly. I've never had a long commute, or rather a long commute where I actually HAD to drive. I still thank The Deity At Hand for BART when I think of SFO.

  7. Apologies for not realizing MSgt and LtCol, must have been having a stunned AND stupid moment (and slightly blind, well DUH!)

  8. Gas prices are relative... I can (and will this summer) load the family in my Excursion... the world's largest SUV, thank you very much... and enjoy moving 9 people, comfortably, for less money per mile than most cars on the road today.

  9. Deb: No apology required. But you knew that.

    Sam: You make a good point... your Excursion is cheaper as a total-family mover than, say, paying airfare for all involved. I was thinking more of all those SUVs commuting back and forth to work with only one or two people in them. They ain't so efficient then.

  10. Beer & bacon -- life is good!!

    And, what Inno said about your service (and that of your sons). I think I've neglected to say that.

  11. I hope there is hot dogs under the bacon!

    I mean, who eats bacon unless it is wrapped around a hot dog.

    You know what the sound is when a bacon-dog hits your stomach? Yes, "clunk!"

    That's why you need beer, so it goes "splash" instead...

    Here's a good video:

  12. As gas prices go up, so does oil production, which means more jobs, more paychecks, more people spending money in my neck of the woods. Yet we all have to pay more to move around. It's a vicious cycle. When Americans are tired of it, they can choose to buy vehicles with better gas milage. I do love Sam's point.

  13. Moogie: Thank ya again! And life is good, indeed.

    Piggy: Nice vid. That's MY kinda event!

    Lou: Vicious cycle, indeed. That makes me think about Obama's war on drilling, though. A lot o' folks in Loosy-anna have severe heartburn over his Gulf drilling policies and such.

  14. Hmm, Obama's policies - see previous post.

  15. Nice Fridge, eh!
    I need to get me a beer fridge for here. The landlord put in a side by side refer/freezer and not as usable as one would think. Saw one in a Genuine Hotrod Catalog that was styled like a Craftsman Roll Away Tool Box.
    Nissan Titan and an almost forty mile round trip! And that is close! Other than North Edwards, that is.

  16. Glenn: I had a beer fridge in previous lives... ;-)


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