Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Heh Here... Just Truth

The "it's the Real Thing,"no-shit-really BEST political cartoon about Obama I've seen to date.  It'll take some doin' to beat Eric Allie's latest.


  1. Funny how reality can sure kick rhetoric in the butt, no?

    I just don't really understand what the end game of this Libya action is all about. Is it regime change? After all, Obama called for Ghadaffi (or however of the 2000 ways you wish to spell it) to step down.

    Ah well, at least we have all these other countries coming together to do this, unlike we did in Iraq.

    Hmmm. That bridge is looking like a real good investment!

    Maybe Obama will get the advice he needs from Liz Taylor... ooops! Too late.

  2. Yep. That's a good one. And, you're right -- there's not a "heh" in sight. Dammit.

  3. I just don't really understand what the end game of this Libya action is all about.

    I don't either, nor do I get what all the "bomb 'em NOW" crowd were on about. This doesn't look like our fight, to me. That said, Ol' Muammar is a nasty piece o' work and we should have taken him out back in '85 or so. It's a pity Reagan didn't finish the job... we had reason to act then.

    Moogie: Yup!

  4. "Let me clear. I'm a soundbite politician until reality bites my nuts and I need to be pragmatic about the world. I now have to deal with the same shit all politicians in the driving seat face. Turns out it's much easier being in Opposition"

    OK so I made that up but there we go. The Lib Dems have had to man up now they are in government and no longer in the sidelines lobbing sarcastic crowd pleasers too. It's oh so much easier to stand in the margins and bellow about rights and wrongs and lean on hindsight until reality bites.

    I hate them all

  5. Alison: Heh. I share your sentiment.


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