Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heh and Feelin' the Love

The usual source has all sorts o' toons about The One and his new-found bellicosity, mostly centered around his latest Obamateurism: "kinetic military action."  But this is the toon that caught my eye and made me grin:

Heh.  I really like Mr. Kelley.


Lest you go off thinkin' all is lost with our younger generation, let me share this cool lil note I received from Grandson Sean this morning:
I read your post about Alligator Records and immediately went to Grooveshark and found an album similar. It isn't the 40th anniversary but it's the 30th so it's close enough. I think it's great so far. I haven't listened to the whole set yet but I think I'll like it.
See?  All is NOT lost!


Amazon loves me, too.  I wish they didn't love me as quite as much as they do, tho, coz this crap could get expensive after a while: 

I'm thinkin' the Big Head Todd album looks pretty good...  God help me.


  1. From the looks of that list Buck, you'd better put the credit card in the freezer.

  2. Each friday, from somewhere here in Alberta, Darcey hosts a blues fest of his own, he did blog a fair bit but gave that part up in order to work... he featured this album 5 days ago, and my opinion's in the comments.

    ah, Fenris, who's a part of The Mayor's site, was a contributor at Darcey's old site, "Dust My Broom"

    good stuph, I really liked it.

  3. Actually, when Darcey stopped active blogging at his first site, I walked down the road to The Mayor's, then Andy's, then Paul's, then Buck's. Somewhere in there, Lex flew by in the middle of a Tea Party, you know how it goes...

  4. marc: You are the freakin' LINK MASTER. It's gonna take me quite a while to go thru the archives at Dust My Broom, but it's gonna be enjoyable doin' so.

    Apropos of not much... I didn't REALLY get into the blues until I got stationed in London in 1980. I'd flirted with it for years, mostly with the Stones (who are, at heart, a BLUES band), but I never discovered serious "roots" music until I fell in with a couple o' Brits who had forgotten more about the blues than I ever knew (at the time). London in the '80s was still a hotbed of blues and one of the finest music scenes on the planet at that time.

    Deb: I'm pretty good at exercising restraint, usually. But music is my weak spot...

  5. Mine too Buck. That'd be why I don't go very often, I can spend $100 in a heartbeat.

  6. Damn, I put my commenet for this post on the next post down.

    VW: hicatefu - which is what I said after I said damn.

  7. Lou: Heh. I've said sumthin' like that on occasion, too. ;-)


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