Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be Afraid

From today's AFA Daily Report:
A-10 Attacks Libyan Ships: The A-10, known for its prowess as an attack platform against enemy land forces, took on a different role this week in supporting coalition operations against Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi's forces. An A-10 engaged two small Libyan watercraft in the Libyan port of Misurata, US Africa Command officials announced Tuesday. The Libyan craft, operating with a Libyan coast guard vessel, were indiscriminately firing upon merchant vessels in the port on Monday, prompting coalition response. A Navy P-3C maritime patrol aircraft engaged the coast guard vessel with AGM-65F Maverick missiles, rendering it ineffective and forcing the Libyans to beach it. Meanwhile, the A-10 fired upon the two small craft with its 30mm Gatling gun, destroying one and forcing the Libyans to abandon the other, according to AFRICOM. The A-10 is one of the most recent aircraft additions to the coalition's quiver in Operation Odyssey Dawn. (AFRICOM release)
Well, if you happened to be a Libyan coastie the LAST thing you'd wanna see would be this...

Coz it really would be the last thing you ever saw.  Better vid:

The Warthog can kill bad guys in many different ways, but it's that gun that truly terrifies 'em.

Hell, that scares ME, and it's on my side!


  1. The Raptor and Eagle pilots get all the attention, but I think flying an A-10 would be the coolest thing ever.

  2. I'll bet that made their A#$^$#%$ pucker!

  3. Use to hear the mighty A-10 guns just about every night at Camp Pendleton as there was a range nearby. Once you hear that, you’re glad you’d never have to be on the receiving end. It’s gott’a be shear effing terror.

    Some TV show accurately described the A-10 as “a flying 30mm gatling gun”

  4. Inno: I tried to find a pic I remember seein' of the Woman Of My Dreams... a blonde A-10 pilot who, when last I saw (pictures of) her, was flyin' in The Af. There's just sumthin' about women with guns that turns me on. And that girl had the biggest of Big Guns!

    Dale: And prolly splattered 'em, too.

    tim: If you clicked on the "next videos" in that first vid you'll see some close calls with an A-10 and friendlies. It happens, unfortunately. But I hear ya about bein' on the same side.

  5. Like your elusive blonde, Buck, there's a quote (I haven't looked very hard for it-- I'm married to a blonde) about the 'Hog. From one engineer to anonther probably, something like, "Here's a gun I like-- build a plane around it."

    I've told you before, my office is near the east end of the E/W runway at ABQ/KAFB.

    Occasionally, Warthogs stop by for gas or whatnot. We in the building are accustomed to the usual planes so when a strange sound comes, all us spectators step out the west door to, well, spectate. Love those 'Hogs. Big lumbering bad-asses.

  6. The Thunderbolt II is impressive to say the least. Did you ever see them at Bentwaters, Buck? They're in Spangdahlem now. I can't remember where the A-10s from Sembach went to. Probably Davis-Monthan or an ANG Wing.

  7. For a second there I thought Reese said, "Occasionally, Warthogs stop by for gas or whartnot."

    Those planes are definitley equalizers and then some.

  8. How do you not stand in awe of such a machine?

    Excuse me, but I need to go out to the airport and look upon my rental Cessna with undisguised disdain now.

  9. It's very ugly! Sticking it next to a VW won't change that. LOL

  10. Bob: I envy your plane-spotting perk. And the A-10 does have a unique sound!

    Anon: I never got up to Bentwaters/Woodbridge during my time in the UK. I used to make a lot o' trips to Heyford (our support base) and to Mildenhall but had no reason to travel up Bentwaters way... unless if was to do touristy stuff.

    Lou: Heh. Whartnot. Heh!

    ML: Yeah, the two birds ain't in the same class, are they?

    Alison: A-10s ARE ugly... which is why we lovingly call 'em Warthogs. ;-)

  11. Bag,

    If only I had thought of that.... Would have been an accomplishment of a lifetime. Har!!!eleventy!


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