Thursday, March 24, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XVIII

From the Great Pacific Northwest...

... a Pyramid Haywire Hefeweizen.  Beer Advocate... the first and last word in beer criticism... gives this brew a C+.  I'd be a little kinder than that; I think the beer deserves a "B."  It has the right color and consistency for a hefeweizen and tastes quite good, as well.  While it won't replace Franziskaner as the hefe of choice I would definitely buy more of it.

OTOH, mebbe the reviewers at BA were a conservative bunch.  One might could suspect the brewery is trying to appeal to "a certain demographic..."

Ya think?  Berkeley?  There's a brewery in BERKELEY?  Who knew?  Hell, I lived there for a year and had no ideer.


  1. No lemon to be seen anywhere in your picture. Good.

  2. I live and work a few minutes from a Pyramid brewery. Their beers are hit and miss. I'd agree with your B rating of the hef, and probably give the brewery an overall B- for their lineup.

  3. Breweries everywhere now, it seems. Gotta say, I like this development.

    Besides, Berkeley is a college town. Chapel Hill has *two* restuarant/microbreweries, and Durham has a place that's bottling.

  4. These are the local boys:

    Mighty tasty.

  5. I don't really have anything to add, but I just couldn't waste a great veriword like "benwomp.". Seriously -- benwomp!!

    I'm so easily amused.

  6. I'm sensing a pyramid scheme here or something. ;)

  7. "Farms, in Berkeley...?!"


  8. Inno: I run hot and cold on the lemon/lime/orange thing. Sometimes I do, most times I don't.

    Andy: As I said, I'll buy more of this hefe.

    Barry: It looks like you have access to some fine brews there! Envy Я Us!

    Moogie: You are NOT alone in the "easily amused" department.

    Anon: Badda-da-BOOMP!

    Darryl: 99% of my readership won't get that... but I do.


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