Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miscellaneous Musings

Today is The Major's 44th birthday.  Here's a couple o' "then and now" shots...

SN1 on the left, SN2 on the right.  What a couple o' ragamuffins, eh?

Just last month.  I like this pic a LOT.

Happy birthday, Buck.  You've come a long way, Bay-bee.


CTS update (as if you care):  It looks like we're gonna keep The Green Hornet.  There are a couple o' reasons for this.  First of all... I called the GM Employee Purchase Program yesterday to ask 'em a couple o' questions about the lease vs buy thang and to get an authorization number for when I got serious.  In so doing I found out that I'm no longer eligible for the program, seeing as how EDS no longer exists (I'm now a Hewlett-Packard retiree, fyi).  The employee discount isn't much in the grand scheme of things, amounting to only about $2,500.00 or so on a CTS.  But every little bit helps, yanno? 

Second... SN2 decided to spend his hard-earned money on orthodontia for the grandkids rather than a spiffy green Miata.  How very self-centered of him, eh?  party smileys

Third...  I finally ran a payment estimate on the car as I want it and was shocked.  Shocked, I tell ya!  I can afford the freight but it offends my sensibilities.  We're talking about a freakin' CAR here, not a second house!  But I've always been cheap.  Kinda sorta.  If you ignore the bar bill and the cigar expenditures.

So.  It looks like The Green Hornet and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary together come October.  Unless I decide to buy a Camaro.


It's not a nice day here on The High Plains of New Mexico.  We had a cold front... complete with wind and rain... move in overnight.  It's a mere 62 degrees outside as we speak; the high today is only supposed to be 76 with storms in the forecast all day.  So it looks like we'll have an indoor Happy Hour today...


  1. Oh, man. (In a REALLY whiny voice.)
    Well, I, for one, am disappointed!

  2. Diappointed about the car, duh, not the advanced agedness of said Major. ;)

  3. I love that pic of the boys, who are cute enough to have been girls. The second photo of them is good too - handsome men - but not near as cute as the little boy pic.

    I'm glad to hear that you are keeping the Green Hornet, but what do I know?

  4. Cute, cute, cute little moptops! And, obviously, handsome young men!

    Tough decision about the CTS, but you still have a newly youthified Green Hornet to transport you to airplane patches and other road trips.

    No comment on your weather. *sigh*

  5. Diappointed about the car, duh, not the advanced agedness of said Major. ;)

    I'm disappointed, too, Kath. About BOTH. The Caddy would've been kinda cool to have, but I just can't justify it. And as for The Major's agedness... well, it's because I've got him by the requisite number of years. Aiiieee!

    Lou: Thank ya, Ma'am. On both counts.

    Moogie: The weather has been a MOST welcome respite from our mid-90 degree temps. It almost feels like Fall... And thank ya for the kind words, as well.

  6. MissBirdlegs in AL24 August, 2010 20:47

    Happy Birthday to the Major! You shouldn't whine about his age, my oldest will be 52 in about a month & my youngest will hit the half-century mark in the Spring. I'm disappointed about the Caddie, too, though I understand. My first one cost more than our first home.

    And while I'm nagging at you, DON'T whine about your weather. We've been 37 days above 90 - most of them WAY above. Humidity prolly around 763! ;-)

  7. The Major is 44 today?

    Dang, you're old.

    Are you sure that's not a typo? Or, maybe I just read it wrong.

    Seriously, I never would have guessed that the younger Buck was 44. I pegged him for about 36, maybe 38 at the outside.

    Anyway, happy birthday to The Major, and Happy (early) Anniversary to you and TGH. Man, I'd like to take her for a spin...but don't tell anybody.

  8. Happiest of Birthdays to him!

    I understand about the Caddy and the tart's car payment. We are facing replacing The Oracle's Jeep and he is now having serious cold feet about the car payment...sigh. In our case it needs to be done before winter; I figure I've got about 6 more weeks to get him to accept the inevitable so that we have time to locate what we want.

    As for your weather - love the sounds of it. We've had some strange weather up here this year; this week it's been barely 70, very windy and rainy. That's about 20 degrees colder than it should be.

    Not that I'm complaining. A little more sunshine and this week would be perfect.

  9. And while I'm nagging at you, DON'T whine about your weather. We've been 37 days above 90 - most of them WAY above. Humidity prolly around 763! ;-)

    Well... it's somewhere around 58 degrees this morning, Katy, but Cannon AFB hasn't updated Wunderground in almost two hours. Not to rub it in or anything... ;-)

    L-Andy: Yeah, I'm old. But it beats the alternative, don't it?

    Kris: I hear ya about the car payment thing. Oh, do I EVER.

  10. Hey, The Green Hornet has a SOUL, brother. You never know if that will be part of the package in a new vehicle.

  11. She DOES have a soul, Jim... a very Ninja-like warmongerin' soul. ;-)

  12. We had a funeral all day in that rainy cold weather yesterday. Seemed kinda fitting, though we all wore bright colors (as instructed by the daughters of the deceased, who was my husband's aunt) rather than black.

  13. My condolences to Jeff and the family, Jenny. The WX was funereal yesterday, for sure.

  14. 2003 Cadillac CTS for sale in the Lab News officially publishing tomorrow. 80K miles. $8950. "Good Condition."

    Let me know, and I'd be happy to check out what the quotation above actually means. Some SNL-ians tend to second-hand some good stuff for cheap.


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