Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's SUCH a beautiful morning!  I'll also add that it was a beautiful night, as well.  Last night was the first time since Spring sprung that I slept with my windows open and my blankets pulled up to my chin.  Rumor has it we got down to 54 degrees last night; the temp at Cannon Airplane Patch was 58 when I rolled out in mid-morning.  I just had to get that outta the way before we begin.  Yes, we ARE gloating.  Sorta.

We made the coffee, answered the overnight mail, and then stared out our window for a bit, whereupon we noticed the four o'clocks are in full bloom and were still open... it being early in the day and the temperature cool.  We decided to play with the camera for a bit.  Here are the results; click to embiggen... as always:

A longish view of the flower bed.

A red four o'clock.  Or purple if you prefer.  Let's not quibble about color again, OK?

Yellow-red (1)

Yellow-red (2)

That's just four of the 40 pics I took this morning, not counting the many I deleted.  We've done this sorta thing before... four years ago.


  1. I did not realize four oclocks were so pretty. If I painted that one flower with it's different colored petals, people would think I was confused. But there it is in yellow and red.

  2. Four o'clocks are amazing, methinks. You don't wanna know just how much time I spent looking at them this morning, Lou. And... paint it! Please!

  3. That last pic is just gorgeous. Then again, these really are incredibly pretty flowers.

    And yes Lou - paint it!!!

  4. Really, really pretty! I don't think I've seen four o'clocks before. Are they nocturnal bloomers? Any fragrance?

    And about your weather: *sticks fingers in ears LA-LA-LA-LA-LA! I can't hear you!!!!!!!

  5. P.S. -- the flowers are closer to yellow-magenta, than red. The blood shouldn't be draining from your head while you're looking at flowers!

  6. Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am. And we can only HOPE Lou will paint it, yes?

    Moogie: The flowers have no discernible fragrance... at least to my ol' nose. And I don't know exactly when they bloom... rumor has it they're named "four o'clocks" because the blooms open in the late afternoon. But one can plainly see the flowers' blooms open in the morning, as well. I think the blooms are temperature-based.

  7. The blood shouldn't be draining from your head while you're looking at flowers!

    Heh. Ya just NEVER know now, do ya?

  8. WX online said 53 here this morning and it was wonderful, wasn't it!? And still beautiful now. We are off to the Roosevelt County Fair tonight!

  9. WARNING! Buck, I am as busy as a one armed paperhanger, but just checked in while glancing down the Reader and saw your photo of the Four O'Clocks.

    Four O'Clocks are quite possibly the only flower that came right straight from the pit of hell. Seriously.

    About 10 years ago Pam's Mom asked her, "I've got some Four O'Clocks. Corrine gave me some, and they are really pretty. Would you like some for your flowerbeds?"

    Of course, the answer was "Yes," because Pam can not say "NO" to her Momma about anything...which is okay. So, she planted the damn things.

    Four O'Clocks spread like the plague. They open up, and the slightest whiff of a breeze spreads the seeds on to any bare patch of dirt, where they immediately spawn other demonic offspring.

    We have spent the last 9 Summers digging up Four O'Clock bulbs that have invaded every stinkin' bed we've got. And, you never win.

    Pam joked once a while back that they call them "Four O'Clocks" because by four o'clock you're sick of pulling them out, and digging them up.

    You NEVER win. They are the most highly invasive piece of demonic plant life that either of us have ever seen. And, I ain't kidding! Warn everybody not to plant one. If somebody (even your Momma, or Mrs.-in-law) offers you some, tell them "NO!!!!!!!"

    Just sayin'...

  10. Jenny: The WX has been absolutely SUPERB. I'm lovin' it!

    Andy: The four o'clocks in the flower bed outside my door have pretty much stayed put, which is to say they haven't spread anywhere else. But I've heard other folks say exactly what you say...


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