Wednesday, July 21, 2010


An occasional reader sends the following along with an "I know you had this in mind" message...

The man does have a point...


  1. I'm glad I did not spew my coffee on the computer when I lol.

  2. I laughed, Buck - and loudly, too. But, still, you do yourself a disservice. It's not THAT bad a pic!

  3. Buck,
    We know you aren't dumb, but the birds in the slide do have a peculiar resemblance to the great photo of the Major and Yourself.

    I think the term "retard" is not really appropriate. But the starboard bird (Starbird?) is taking an alternative view of the occasion.


  4. I laughed - out loud at work. Where I sit in a cubicle by myself in a corner. Which could say something about me in general.

    I'm still chuckling at these images though...too funny.

    And I still think the pic of you and SN1 is perfection.

  5. I've got that poster in my "poster file," and thought about e-mailing it to you.

    But, the caption just didn't work. Guess I could have cropped it out.


    Bwahahahahahahaha! WV: titti

  6. Heh, indeed. Cute little guys, one and all!

  7. I'm glad all y'all found this as funny as I did. I laughed my ass off when I saw this in my in-box last evening, and that's the TRUTH. It was too good not to share.

  8. Too bad you didn't save your bus drivers hat! Holy cow, is that a good conduct medal? How'd that happen??

  9. I'd have been out of uniform if I'd saved that hat, Anon. SN1 tells me USAF did away with it... only honor guards wear 'em now. I was flabbergasted. As for the GCM... seven of 'em. And we didn't call it the "Not Getting Caught" medal for no good reason.


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