Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Pics

We are in receipt of the Official U.S. Navy photographs of last week's Change of Command.  Herewith a few of them taken by NRD-Pittsburgh's Public Affairs Officer, Mass Communications Specialist Chief (MCC) Jeremy Siegrist.  Captions by YrHmblScrb.  As always: click for larger.

The assembled ship's company.  I was in error when I said the company observed the ceremony at parade rest; they were put "at ease."

The Pennington side of the seated Distinguished Visitors.  In the front row, from left to right:  DIL Alisa, Granddaughter Amanda (holding great-grandson Taurean), Granddaughter Angelina, The First Mrs. Pennington (Ramona), and Granddaughter Ava.  Granddaughter Anastasia and Great-granddaughter Aria are in the first seat, second row; DIL Erma and Grandson Sean are seated immediately behind Anastasia.  I find it MOST ironic that I'm seated in between a Major and a Major General; not many MSgts have that distinction.

A great shot of the color guard under the Talos missile battery.

"We're the Navy.  We do boats pretty well but we don't march."

I thought long and hard about a caption for the above... all in jest, of course.  But WE are the Air Force and we're NEVER out of step.  free smileys


  1. Never is such a powerful word...

    Don't think the links worked... but you can cut and paste.

  2. We always mentione how handsome the Pennington men are. Well, the Pennington women are exceptional.

  3. I agree with Lou. What a striking family, right down to the youngest among you. Just a gorgeous picture.

  4. What they all said.

    Plus, I may have to steal that marching color guard pic to tease some Navy buddies down here. The Marines will get a chuckle, too. And I'll have to show it to Pepper when he doesn't have some beverage in his mouth to avoid the spew factor. Heh.

  5. Thanks all... I definately married out of my class; what she sees in me I'll never know. But I'm thankful none the less. Not as thankful that the girls favor their mother (too much stress when they hit the dating years.)

  6. Sam, I do not envy you one bit!

    At least when it comes to the little beauties hitting their teens. I thank God at all times, and in all ways that we just spawned sons.

    I am quite sure I would be sleeping in the Graybar Hotel known as Angola by now if my beloved wife had thrown a female.

    With permanent reservations.

    Seriously, though...what a beautiful clan. Your Mother, wife, children. And, not too bad a looking fellow yourself. Congrats on the whole deal! It has been more than a pleasure to follow this through the writings of your Pop. It really has.

  7. Sam: re: Your first comment. Somehow I KNEW you were searching for images when I went to bed last night.

    Lou, Kris, Moogie, and Andy: I'll echo Sam here: thank you ALL for the kind comments. I think Ramona (TFMP) is largely responsible for the good looks on the Pennington side; the Alvarado girls (Alisa's maiden name) bring GREAT good looks to the table, too. The same goes for DIL Erma... the bottom line being both boys married "above their station" so to speak.

    And Andy... your point is well-taken about sons and daughters. I identify with your position: three (vs. four) sons.

  8. Oh... and Moogie: you're gonna have to let me know how well (or not) your Navy buds take the marching picture!

  9. So far the Army guys love it!

  10. Heh. I thought they MIGHT. ;-)


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