Wednesday, February 24, 2010

O Canada!

4 - 1 at the end of the first.  Team Canada gels jells when it really counts!  I'm thinkin' we'll see Ilya Bryzgalov in goal for Russia when the second period begins...

Update:  I was wrong... Nabokov is still in goal for Россия. 

Update 2:  Who'd a thunk it?  6 - 1.  Whoops, 6 - 2.  Nabokov pulled after Canada's sixth goal. 

Update 3:  7 - 2, Canada.  Perry scores his second of the second period.  Ya might as well turn out the lights, Russia... party's over.

Update 4:  Gonchar scores for Russia, making it 7 - 3.  I don't think Russia has it in 'em to bring it even... this hole's too deep.

Update last:  Well, that was a beauty of a game if you're Canadian, less so if you're anyone else.  The game was never close, what with Canada taking it to the Rooshians three minutes into the game and never looking back.  One really wonders what the Hell happened, given that the Russians only gave up six goals in their first three games.  This has to be one of the biggest hockey collapses in Olympic history.

So the stage is now set for a US - Canada rematch, assuming both the Americans and the Canadians win their next game.  Oh, Lawsy... won't that be sumthin!


  1. Canada givin The Empire a good old fashioned great white north country ass whippin.

  2. Russia lost their bite tonite...cuz the Canadians kicked their teeth in. YOUCH!

  3. This is better coverage that NBC!

  4. hehehe... did you think you could get away with the win on Sunday THAT easily???


    (sorry I was absent yesterday, I was too busy being in person watching the two person woman bobsleigh up at Whistler... Canada took GOLD & Silver, US took Bronze. Total insanity!!! The Janets & I were on teevee...)

  5. This has to be one of the biggest hockey collapses in Olympic history.

    Oh Buck...1980.


  6. I got to this one late, and when I turned it on it was 6 - 1. WTF? I was amazed. Not all Nabokov's fault, I would assume, as the Canucks had dropped something like 25 shots on him in the first 25 minutes. But, still. Wow.

  7. RLM: LOL! But thanks!

    KC: Well, it's a rematch if we both win our respective next games. That's not a safe bet the way things are going in this tournament!

    And Dang. I missed my chance to see ya on teevee!

    Kris: 1980 wasn't a collapse on the Soviets' part, they just got outplayed for one shining moment. But the Russians folded last night in a totally unpredictable way. The hockey world is ALL abuzz about that today.

    Jim: Nabokov totally sucked last night. The Russian coach must not have been watching the game, for all intents and purposes.

  8. I was on TV for sure!! When the German bobsleigh crashed and the braker got thrown from the sled... that happened right in front of us. We ended up on TV because they showed her walking right by us when she walked off the track to get medical attention. That was some SCARY moment on the track!! Two crashes!


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