Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Team USA puts one in the net with 0.0 on the game clock at the end of the second period: no goal.  ONE frickin' tenth of a second in a zero - zero game.  Hiller has his form back; the shots are 32 - 8 in favor of the US.  The Swiss defense has been suffocating.  This one is a nail-biter... to say the VERY least.

Update 1442 hrs:  YES!  USA finally puts one in the net on the power play.  Parise makes it 1 - 0 USA.

Update 1450:  EXCELLENT PK by USA, score remains 1 - 0.

Update 1512:  Intense!  1:43 left in the third, the Swiss pull Hiller.  Wow.

Update 1514:  USA with the empty-netter with 11.2 left on the clock!!  Yes!  USA 2, Switzerland 0!!


  1. See paragraph 1 of today's blog...

    right now...the MapleLeaves just went up 1-0 on the ROOSHKIES...

  2. check that 3-0...the Rooshkies are SHELLSHOCKED!

  3. WHAT A 1st!!! i'm gonna pee myself if it gets any better!

  4. Jay: Yup! This is hockey at its BEST!

  5. We were busy yesterday, but first thing I did was run to the computer for hockey scores. Lord, what is this world coming to?

  6. The interesting thing? The Finns and the Czechs played this EXACT same game last night.


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