Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just A Few Things

Looking out my window this morning... and it's still morning for ME, Gentle Reader...I'm struck by the remarkable similarities between the weather and the way I feel today.  That's to say gray, overcast, dark, and cold... but with the occasional ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds every so often.  We didn't have a good night last evening.  But this too shall pass.


SN1 sent along a link to an excellent article by Michael Rosenberg, writing in Sports Illustrated.  Here's an excerpt:
So this Olympic experiment falls into the same category as Gary Bettman's southern strategy and cutting down on fighting and messing with important components of the game ...
Except for one thing:
Well, maybe not everybody. You can't get everybody to like anything in this world, not even pizza or the Rolling Stones or sunshine. But damn near everybody of consequence likes having NHL players in the Olympics.
The diehards who claim they own the sport and understand it better than anybody else love it. I have coined a term for these people -- "Canadians." They love the chance to show they produce the best hockey players in the world. They love watching so much talent on the ice at once. In a country of 34 million people, I believe only one guy opposes NHL participation in the Olympics. They took that guy ice fishing. He was the fish.


  1. Must be something wrong with me. The Stones? Kind of like Aerosmith and AC/DC in that they have a few pretty darned good songs, and then piles of unimaginative rubbish.

    Bring the pain.

  2. There IS something wrong with you. "Exile On Main Street" is God's Own Album. And Satan plays "You Can't Always Get What You Want" as entrance music to his place. There is no finer R'n'R band between heaven and earth. And you get -2 for even mentioning Aerosmith and the Stones in the same breath. Such heresy.

  3. Trust me, we won't get figure skating all night either. We'll see one skater around 8:30pm, then they'll show something taped earlier or an interview or a warm-n-fuzzy story. Then possibly another skater around the 9:15 mark. Then off to cover something else. And so forth...

    Stones - they are OK. "Can't Always Get What You Want" and "(Red Door) Paint It Black" are my faves of theirs.

    Andy - I agree about AC/DC but ... Aerosmith are gods.

  4. Oh and Buck - sorry your mood matches your grey weather. Though I think you know that, right now, I share that feeling. It's been a cold, grey, wet week so far with no end predicted until Saturday.

    Believe me, that end of the weather will not match the end of my mood. I'll outlast it I'm sure.

  5. Kris sez: ...they'll show something taped earlier or an interview or a warm-n-fuzzy story.

    I've read that and it appears to be the essence of NBC's coverage. But the hockey is all that interests me, to be perfectly frank about it. I have my issues with NBC about their hockey coverage, but we've flogged THAT dead horse before.

    I hear ya about moods and weather. Hang in there!


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