Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Right Now

More of this "Winter Wonderland" shit.  Does anyone have Algore's number?  I need to give that prat a call...


  1. MissBirdlegs in AL29 December, 2009 11:00

    We don't have the precip, thank goodness, but man it is COLD down here! I'm past ready for Spring!

    P.S. Pretty pics (disgusted tho you are). :-)

  2. Looks like volley-ball practice today might get a bit nippy, Buck. :)

  3. Call 1-800-DUM-BASS.

    If no one answers, call 1-800-DIP-S (well, I think you know the rest).

  4. Thanks, Katy.

    VX: We're canceling practice today. Probably tomorrow, too.

    Andy: Duh! I knew that... ;-) Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hmmm...I think that stuff is headed my way for the weekend - to welcome in the new year.

    As for today: cold with winds gusting to 40mph. It's been howling outside my office window all day long.

  6. Bummer, Buck! While it may look pretty in the pictures, I realize that is about the extent of it.

    I'm sure Al Gore couldn't handle the inconvenient truth of your snow.

  7. Kris: Ah, but you live in New England... where this sorta krep is par for the course. I checked our weather almanac a bit ago and find we're approx 20 degrees BELOW our seasonal average temps.

    BR: I agree with you. But Algore would probably shake his finger at me and mutter "don't confuse weather with climate" or some other such bullshit.


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