Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Right Now, Part II

In the "It's Always Sumthin'" Dept...

Our recent frozen water lines episode resulted in a split water fitting on the coach (indicated by the badly-drawn arrow), which resulted in a major leak, which also resulted in the founding of Lake Pennington here on the premises of Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.  What you see are repairs in progress, courtesy of Andy the RV Doctor ("I Make House Calls!").
What you also see are much less than optimal working conditions.  It's frickin' cold outside, Gentle Reader.


  1. Buck;
    It's the planet telling you to get thee South.

    If you don't mind the three day run, you could get to Patrick AFB near Canaveral.

    That white stuff on the ground is a warnin' I tell you!

  2. Buck, I know that I am not "THE Andy the RV Doctor" that makes house calls...but...those channel-locks with the greasy blue handles look just like mine that I used today to change washers and seats in the hall bathroom tub.

    Weird...Andy...greasy blue channel locks...plumbing problems...weird.

    All that's missing around here is that white stuff. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  3. On the one hand...that sucks. On the other hand...if that's the worst you've got going, then things are pretty good. And just think, you're stimulating the economy. Or at least Andy's wallet.

  4. I'm thinking that pipe with the kink in it (above the arrow) is no good either. OK, here's the next job - wrap those pipes in insulation!

  5. Darryl: If I was of a mind to take my leave I'd be headed to Corpus Christi. Only a day and a half south, fine beaches, decent Navy base, and good sea food... plus TEX-MEX, and lots of it!

    Andy: You may be missing the white stuff, but I KNOW you gots the cold. I watched the Independence Bowl last evening and the announcers were going on about how the temp was gonna drop into the 20s.

    BR: I'm ALL about stimulating the economy! Andy's rates are pretty danged reasonable, too... compared to plumbers I've called out in the past.

    Anon: You have me confused with someone who actually does stuff!

  6. I hope you invited Andy to share in Happy Hour afterward!

  7. It was too early in the day, Jim. I made an offer but it was politely refused.


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