Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kinda Cool

Too much of The One for me (these days any Obama is too much Obama), but none the less... an OK effort.


  1. That is such a bizarre point-of-view. The One was inaugurated 11 months ago, people like this got this huge surge of "hope"...and they're still running off that, just like you or me still running off a pot of coffee sucked down 11 hours earlier. No lessons about His incompetence, or the folly of putting people in powerful offices just because they're fun to watch.

    I suppose that says something about all of us -- we only learn the lessons we're ready to learn. You've given me insight into those who see He Who Was To Deliver Us From All Pain, in hindsight, as simply a still-inspiring ornament. What a way to go through life. These must be the 45%-ers.

    I'm starting the new year no more hopeful, but perhaps a little bit wiser, than I was five minutes ago. Thanks for that.

  2. MissBirdlegs in AL29 December, 2009 11:04

    Now SEE?!? I'd have watched that but for your remark "too much Obama". I'm trying to eat lunch here. No way am I going to voluntarily watch ANYTHING on which he shows up!

  3. Morgan: Yeah... it most definitely IS a weird take on stuff. I almost didn't put it up because of the weirdness factor. But I'm glad ya got sumthin; out of it...

    Katy: It's really not as bad as all that, and there's only (?) two or three appearances by The One... It coulda been worse...


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