Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Hour Anyone?

Your beer would most definitely stay cool...

Nah.  I thought not.  Mo' betta this way:

That would be a 2-Below accompanied by a Rocky Patel "The Edge," in its maduro incarnation.  Great good stuff all the way around.  We can handle this "stuck indoors" thingie, given the proper accessories.


  1. Does that mean all is better in the water dept. now?

    And that is a pretty view of the global warming -- oh, darn, I mean climate change (I keep forgetting!) outside your window there.

  2. I've said it before, you can't go wrong with 2 Below.

    I've drank many a beer while standing in the snow. Although there was most definitely a fire going.

  3. Mmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm Good!
    And what is with the cruiser ball cap?

  4. Kath: Yep... all well. The new fitting is installed and water-tight, and we have a small stream going in the sink. We're cool. Well, we have water, anyhoo.

    BR: I can't recall ever drinking beer in the snow. If I had to be out in the weather my tastes ran to whiskey.

    (Secret message to Dan: Santa's reindeer.)

    Glenn: The Monterey was SN2's last ride. I also have Davis (an FFG) and Mason (a DDG) ball caps. We're an equal-opportunity head gear wearer. ;-)

  5. Hi Buck

    My plans to skip by and say hello over Xmas were scuppered by a bunch of people who would have thought me rude if id wandered off to use my laptop and unfortunately roaming costs a bomb so no tweet from my iphone either...Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year. I wished you cheers on several occasions though over the last week!

    End of the year here is the typical low grey heavy skies with threats of snow and lots of rain. Im enjoying pottering around the house fixing stuff and buying sale goods on line on my days off. Lovely :)

    Hope you are well...

  6. Again Buck - you show us all how to live. Surround yourself with the finer things and all that crap around you fades away.

  7. Funny you should mention that as I was thinking of that yesterday. I think I have some pictures of that monumental event. If I can find them I'll scan and e-mail.

  8. Alison: I'm glad you're back from your holiday safe and sound! And Happy New Year to you!

    Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am!

    Dan: Those pics... if'n ya can find them... would be cooler than cool. And would be posted on these pages mos ricky-tick!


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