Monday, December 28, 2009


... but this looks like truth to me (click for larger if eye-strain is in play):

From eSarcasm, of course.  Missing in action: the innumerable "what I had/am having for lunch" tweets.  As if we frickin' care.


  1. Love this chart!!

    I think that commercial on TV where the kids are complaining to the parents about too much texting
    -- that the parents are doing -- and the Dad is sitting there typing in "I am sitting on the patio" while the kids are standing right there.

    Says it ALL for me.

  2. Buck, I have never tweeted...well, at least not on Twitter.

    But, if it is ANYTHING like The Facebook, I am certainly patting myself on the back.

    I signed up for The Facebook as an experiment (by recommendation of some old high school buddys), and found that I immediately had a brazillian folks looking for me. So, I accepted them all as "The Facebook Friends."

    I never read so many "I'm tired...I'm daughter just called me...I'm going to the mall...Momma is sick...we just left the Magic Casino...I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow, CRAP in my whole life.

    Heck! That's what blogs are for. ;)

    That chart looks just about right.

    Heh! I would tell you what my word verification is, but you would not believe it. It's Spanish for "for father."

  3. I have never seen a twitter, nor shall I. What is the point of Twitter? Does Twitter make money?

    Does anyone go out to play?

  4. I've never twittered, tweeted, or done anything remotely related. Or seen one for that matter. Nor will I. EVER. Like Barco, I prefer to go outside.

  5. Don't twitter, Won't twitter. Do the face book thing to maintain contact with kids, grandkids and shipmates past.

  6. The chart is hysterical. HAHAHAHA

  7. I keep my Twitter feed open in a window in my in-box. I find it very useful for keeping up with a couple of hockey bloggers, one or two political people, and a couple o' few friends. All told I follow 48 people. I rarely tweet; my last was on Dec 11th and Dec 5th before that. The other thing Twitter is good for is when "shit happens"... the Tweets from Tehran during the election riots were interesting/informative as all get out, as is the stuff coming out of the current situation.

    Facebook: Meh.


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