Sunday, December 20, 2009

Apropos of Not Much

Glenn, in comments to the post below, asks "Forgot to ask. Ferndale, Washington?"  Nope... that would be Ferndale, Michigan.  Specifically 351 West Oakridge Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220.  Home for about eight years, that was... in Former Happy Days.  And I can show it to you, Gentle Reader, through Google-Majik.  (Legends for the pics - click for larger, as always - immediately below)

First... Ferndale is a near-burb of Deetroit... about in the center of this map, just below the "696" shield near Warren.

This is what the neighborhood looks like... the 696 freeway is to the north and Woodward Ave, the main north-south surface arterial (and site of the world-famous Woodward Dream Cruise) is to the east... right on the "MI 48220..." legend.

Above is a much closer, zoomed-in view of the neighborhood.  Livernois Avenue is to the west in the picture and dead-ends on my street... Oakridge Avenue.

And believe it or don't... Google Earth actually has street views of the ol' neighborhood, fuzzy as they may be.  Above is looking east down Oakridge Ave, from the corner of Livernois.  My house would be the fourth one on the right, if you could see that far.

Lastly... and this is what amazed me the MOST... my old house.  Not the one with the wheelchair-accessible ramp but the one next door, with the brick/gray siding construction.  Talk about late night trips down Memory Lane...

Aren't ya sorry ya asked, Glenn?


  1. Damn! And I was wondering about those really fun Canadian Girls. And the Bellingham Girls were fun, too.
    BTW, there was a girl, in Bellingham, a long time ago. We will leave it at that.

  2. We will leave it at that.

    Heh. Some things ARE best left alone, eh? Don't ask me how I know...

  3. Buck, The Gooble is frightening! That is cool, though. When eldest son moved out to Monterey, CA, I carried all his worthless junk, and hauled his car behind a U-Haul. But, Pam stayed here. I was telling her how nice the neighborhood was...then I discovered street view, and could show her. Cool...

  4. It is kinda nice to take a stroll down Memory Lane, escorted by Mr. Google!

  5. Walking down your memory lane with Google is just pretty cool. And a beautiful lane it is.

  6. Thank you all for indulging me... MOST appreciated!

  7. One up. I stopped back by there about 5 years ago, when I went back to visit Marsha... There was a not-very-friendly guy living there... Oh well! The yard and garden looked good. He had put in patio doors from the dining room, leading out onto a small deck...
    The Page's were not home, so it was a short visit.


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