Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today's Happy Hour

A friend gifted us with one of these magnificent lil jewels recently:

That would be an Opus X in the ashtray.  I told my friend I was gonna save this lil bit o' excellence for the next semi-nice day here on The High Plains of New Mexico... the sort of day where I could enjoy the cigar in proper style, which is to say with a couple o' fingers of single malt.  Well, I'm gonna embellish the single malt just a lil bit, to wit:

Gilding the lily?  Perhaps.  But a lil gilt never hurt anything and has enhanced more than a few things... single malt included.  Sláinte!

Update... later that same day:

We're in the process of smoking that Opus-X right down to a nub... and it is GOOD.  Beyond belief, actually.  I'm supremely indebted to great good friends, and I do not exaggerate one lil bit.  Dang.  There could be but only one circumstance that could improve upon this day...  and we shall not wish for what is beyond our grasp.  We'll just enjoy what is... and it is good, indeed.


  1. What a nice glass! You are such a classy guy, Buck.

  2. Ah, Lou. You redden my cheeks. But it IS nice to know that I can still blush. Thank ya, Ma'am.

  3. Nice!

    Talk about grabbing together mucho informacion, and topping it all off with a toast!

    I stand in awe...well, really, I sit in awe...or maybe kinda wobble in awe. ;)

  4. Here's to you and yours, Andy!

  5. The Oracle is now starting to consider taking up cigar smoking. Since he's got the guns, the reloading equipment in the's a mid-life thing going on I think.

    Opus X - will have to remember that one!

  6. With with the Drambuie you're half way to a Mig-15, Buck. Just add cognac in equal amts on the rocks (I usually do a double of both). The beauty is that you don't have to go with the most expensive cognac--it tastes the same either way. Another great drink that may be made with 2nd (or even 3rd) level brands w.o. altering taste experience is the Air Forces' old staple the "French 75" : Champaigne and Cognac with a tad of bartenders sugar (if you insist.) Great with breakfast straight thru to after mid-night or any--or all--time(s) in between. Go for it!

  7. Looks like it's still warm enough there to enjoy Happy Hour in the out of doors. Can't say the same for the Pacific Northwest. The rain stopped today, but now it's colder than a witches'...well you know.

  8. Every Day is a Good Day since 21 September! Perspective rears it's funky head. Today was my 3 month survivor mark! It was a sterling day today.
    And boy would I like a couple of fingers of that 12 year old single malt myself. I think perhaps on the one year anniversary next September.

  9. Kris: Cigars are one of life's little pleasures. The Oracle could do worse than taking 'em up.

    Virgil: Those sound interesting. I just happen to have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge I've been saving for some (undetermined) special occasion. Mebbe I'll buy a bottle of cognac for New Years.

    BR: Sunday was in the mid-60s, which was just warm enough to do Happy Hour with a light jacket. You can see from the pic that it was a bright day. I feel for ya up in the cold gray Pac Norwest!

    Glenn: Next September sounds like a plan. And measuring the milestones is a Good Thing, as well. Hang in there!

  10. Will keep the September thing in mind, buddy.


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