Saturday, December 19, 2009

We Are Not Immune...

... to the teevee pitch-man's spiel.  In today's mail:

That would be my very own Windshield Wonder.  This is only the second time in my life I've bought something "not sold in stores!", the first being a CD collection called "Lady Sings the Blues."  I hope the Windshield Wonder proves to be half as pleasing as those CDs are.  And it might.  Witness:
"I seen this on TV, I seen this on TV," repeated Jordan, a cab driver, who reluctantly agreed to test the Windshield Wonder after we hailed him on West 56th St. He seemed like he'd need the product—the guy was so small that from the back seat, the car looked empty. Jordan tried the tool, mentioned that he'd seen it on TV, and made murmurs of approval. But asked if he would buy the product, he declined: "I don't really own a car," he said. He went around the windshield's perimeter, noting that the pivoting head stayed flush with the glass but was a bit floppy and could fall out of position. "It's pretty good, though," he said, finishing up a tight corner near the defrost vents. Jordan handed over the tool, pointed at the still-running meter and asked, "Hey, you're gonna pay for this, right?" 
I'm a small guy like the cabbie in the above paragraph, which is one of the reasons I bought the WW.  That and the fact that cleaning the backlight on the Green Hornet requires one to be a contortionist of the third degree.  I worry about slipping a disk whenever I clean the rear window... and I'm not exaggerating a whit.

Popular Mechanics (from which the blurb above was taken) sez the Windshield Wonder is a good ideer but you could just as easily make your own.  Easy for them to say... they are Popular Mechanics, after all.  I'm more like a Popular Mechanical Idiot. 


  1. Dad,
    You are not an idiot, somewhat popular, but not an idiot. You've also re-built motorcycles AND built radars for the AF... I would say you CHOOSE not to do anything mechanical or labor intensive, but that's a choice.

    Nice WW by the way.


  2. You're right, of course (which: a trait that runs in the family). The mechanical thing is most definitely a choice. But I know my limits, which is what I tried to explain to Greg and John back when I paid to have the Ferndale house re-wired and re-plumbed... as opposed to doing it myself, which is what both of those guys did with THEIR houses. I ain't some kinda Renaissance Man; they are.

  3. Knowing your limitations is important. Toby is amazing at building things and mechanical stuff, but now and then, we hire things done. It is just smart.

  4. Well, I think it's pretty smart to buy a tool that might save your back. :)

  5. Best of luck with this. I'd love for you to do my windshield sometime -- it's a mess!

    I'm also not immune to the TV stuff. I've bought a couple of things that I saw advertised that way. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

    Readers Digest sometimes does a review of As Seen on TV products. They run the full range from "ridiculous" to "a darned good product".

  6. Heh. Hey -- I have a Snuggie I'll sell you for cheap!

  7. It came with instructions, so both of us are covered! I am small of stature myself(5'3"/140#s) Sounds like a good idea to me! The inside of the rear window on a PT Cruiser is a pain to clean. But I will wait until I can get it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. My sister-in-law in Palmdale is a shift manager at the Antelope Valley Mall one. Seriously righteous discount!!!!

  8. Forgot to ask. Ferndale, Washington? Girlfriend from the past in Bellingham. Just wondering.

  9. Lou: I wish I were good with mechanical things, but the fact is I'm not. You gots a Good Man in Toby.

    Staci: I like the way ya think!

    Phil: I was amazed to see several "reviews" of the WW when I googled it. The 'net IS your friend!

    Moogie: Heh. I'll not comment on your Snuggie, but ya might be able to tell how I feel about those... all the way from N'Awlins. Vibes, yanno? ;-)

    Glenn: I'll sue if you find one at BB&B, coz I was assured the thing ain't sold in stores!

    And you had to ask about Ferndale, dint ya? ;-)

  10. Well, we once bought a "Kitchen Magician," not sold in stores.

    I hope your WW proves more useful. ;)


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