Sunday, January 27, 2008

At a Loss for Something to Do This Afternoon?

Well, then...there's this. Kicks off in about an hour and 45 minutes on the Versus network, which most cable companies carry. Or so I'm told.

You won't see any fights...but you WILL see a lot of goals, a lot of pretty plays, and the world's BEST hockey players, bar none. Including...
On defense, Red wings blueliner Nicklas Lidstrom, a five-time Norris Trophy winner as the league's best defenseman, will make his 10th All-Star Game appearance. The 37-year-old Lidstrom leads all NHL rearguards with 46 points and is also first in the league amongst all players with a plus-40 rating.
I'll be there with lotsa beer (there's no Labatts in the house, unfortunately... but note the splash screen at the web site. Cool, eh?) and popcorn. One could do a lot worse where Sunday afternoon teevee's concerned.


  1. I've been wondering when we would get the play by play on hockey - been missing the sports talk.

  2. There's not been a lot of hockey on of late, Lou. Or not very many Red Wings games, anyway. I'll watch other teams play occasionally, but not often. Thus: the dearth of hockey news.


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