Sunday, January 27, 2008

Me too! Me TOO!

OK, I'm probably the 1,432nd blogger to post this...but it's too good NOT to post!

Heh. I'm sure Bowie is quite proud...
(h/t: Lex)


  1. That was freakin' magnificent! The work that went into that was serious. The fellow who did it should get... I don't know; a medal or something. Just great.

  2. Agreed, Jim. I'm trying to grasp the hours and hours of collecting, viewing, and editing the video snippets that went into this...all while synchronizing the clips to the song. LOTS of serious work here!

    As you said: magnificent.

  3. I think of Bowie everytime I hear them say THAT word - but this is unbelieveable!!

    WOW - just WOW!

  4. Cynthia: Agreed. I was nearly speechless when I first saw this vid!

  5. Damn! I didn't get here in time to see it. They've pulled the video.

  6. Doc: The vid is still there. Just refresh the page when you see the "no longer available" message. Dunno why this happens at times, but it does.


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