Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today's Stupidity

I bought one of these this morning, in blue as pictured. It's a Suzuki SV-650S... the sport bike equivalent of what I'm currently riding. You probably knew this was coming, didn't you, Gentle Reader?

The question (if you have to ask) would be "why?" The answer is: I got tired of dropping the existing 'Zuki (twice is two times too many), got tired of the expense of dropping the danged thing, and got tired of the sheer embarrassment of dropping it. The basic problem is the 32-inch seat height simply isn't a good match for a guy with a 30-inch inseam. Or: the bike is just too tall for me. Other than that, I loved the 'Zuki.

Which, of course, is why I'm buying another Suzuki. The new bike has the same motor (which is a veritable jewel of a power plant), but it's cradled in a frame that is much more appropriate for someone of my...um...stature. Or lack of same, you decide.

I can't say I'm enamored with the riding position, but it's not that bad. The best part is I can sit on the bike and my feet rest flat-footed on the ground. And the SV-S doesn't feel nearly as top heavy as the DL does...and therein is the lion's share of the reasons behind today's stupidity. Actually, the stupid piece happened last April. Today's stupidity was simply a long-overdue correction.

I pick her up Thursday or Friday.

Update 1405 hrs: Lou mentioned in the comments that the new bike looks just like the old one. Well, sorta. They're both blue. I posted a pic of the current 'Zuki just so you can compare the two, Gentle Reader. New bike on top, the 'Zuki on the bottom.


  1. Nice Bike!
    Same color as mine (but mine's a Yamaha)
    Keep it on two wheels... but as I was once told "If you don't crash once in a while, you're not riding hard enough" ;)

  2. ... but as I was once told "If you don't crash once in a while, you're not riding hard enough" ;)

    I'm VERY familiar with that saying, Triple E... and lived it back in my racing days. But there's a world of difference between crashing your motocrosser and dropping a street bike -- expense, mostly, but embarrassment figures prominently, too.

    I should be clear here: I never "crashed" the 'Zuki. Both times I dropped it I was standing (near) dead-still. And both times were because of the aforementioned height problem: either too much of it on the 'Zuki or not enough on YrHmblScrb. Or both.


  3. I'm sure you will get lots of enjoyment out of the new bike. Looks just like the old one to me:) Toby rode Jesse's bike and said it was "sweet." It seems to have been well cared for. Now that she has taken her motorcycle class, father and daughter will be hard to pin down.

  4. Lou said: Now that she has taken her motorcycle class, father and daughter will be hard to pin down.

    So...when are you getting your bike, Lou? Ya gotta keep an eye on those two, ya know...and there's no better way than from the saddle of your very own scoot!

  5. Love the new bike. Lou is partially right. It looks a lot like the old one. I've I hadn't seen both pictures, I'd have thought they looked just alike, too.

  6. Dropped my '84 Honda V45 Sabre once at a street light. I feel for ya on the embarrassment thing.

    Wish they still made those. Anyway, hope this new one works out for your better.

  7. Good move on the new bike Buck, I know where you are coming from. I like my Goldwing, it’s a great ride on the road but it’s a bear in traffic. Just too heavy. At slow speeds it’s like plowing a field. I don’t have anyone to ride with so I don’t do a lot or road tripping. It’s a fine on the road and I could easy put six or seven hundred miles a day on it, but I just don’t ride the road enough. And also, my lovely bride is not real happy with me on the road. She’s afraid I’ll get an adrenalin rush and have the big one out in the middle of nowhere. I say it’s the chance you take but she always wins. I think I’m going to sell it and see if I can find a HD Sportster.
    I agree with your take on the Colombia U. thing. Some of the spinners are saying that Dr. Bollinger was trying to cover his rear for inviting Ahmadinejad to speak, but I think he planned it from the start. Perhaps he wanted Ahmadinejad to have a forum where he could show his butt. Anyway, my hats off to Dr. Bollinger.

  8. Two major lay downs....one on my Kaw...still have the chin scar under my goatee(21 stitches and a shit load of road burns)...and then on the 550 Suk when some old fart(about our age now) pulled out in front of me in the rain...360 over his trunk...for once I was wearing a helmet(because of the rain)...my back was messed up for 7 years...but hey, if you ride, you take your chances.

  9. Grin ... we sold a lot of new Beemers to guys who just came in for an oil change. At least you don't have to explain to a wife why a shop visit cost into the decent four figures.

    Congrats! It does look like it has a lower center of gravity and lower seating position. Nothing like having terra firma under your heels ALL the time, especially in this sandy region of ours. Way ta go!

  10. Have fun with the new toy!

  11. Morgan: I came this close to buying a V45 back in its day... the reviews were stellar, I loved the looks of it, and can't for the life of me remember why I didn't. I bought a GS700 instead, which leads me to Pat's comment...

    Pat: I've only had one serious get-off in over 40 years of riding, and it was the same sort of scenario you described, except it was a 17 year-old farm girl who turned left in front of me and I was doing 70 mph on a Michigan two-lane up in the Thumb, near Harbor Beach. I wrote about it here.

    Dan: I really hear you about the weight thing. And... You'd look GOOD on a Sporty, Bro! Have you seen this one? Pics just don't do it justice. In the flesh it's the coolest Sporty I've ever seen, and I could definitely see me on one... if H-D weren't so damned proud of the things. They want a LOT of bucks for something that is essentially worthless for anything other than "styling and profiling." But, Lordy! It would be SO cool...

    Re: Bollinger...I've read more than a few cynical folks who claim he trashed A-Man just to keep the alumni cash flowing. I prefer to deviate from my usual cynicism and give Bollinger the bennie of the doubt.

    Lin: Reading between the lines tells me you know a LOT more about scoots than you've written over at your place. Got any biker-type war stories from your past life? Enquiring minds wanna know!

    And what went unsaid in this post was the fact SN1 and I had had more than a few conversations about replacing the 'Zuki, so it wasn't a spur of the moment decision. It was coming, sooner or later.

  12. Good for you Buck! You have to live life to the fullest - as safely as possible...


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