Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Naming the Baby

As you’re well aware, Gentle Reader, I refer to the “not long for my driveway but not quite Dearly Departed” family bike as “The ‘Zuki.” I got to thinking…would it be right and proper to refer to the moto lust-object-in-waiting as The ‘Zuki, as well? Once she arrives, that is. Would she resent being called by the name of my former flame? Even if I added an unwieldy “II” as a suffix? And if she were offended, would she become a passive-aggressive sort and take out her resentment on me in ways too horrible to contemplate? Motorcycles can be temperamental sorts, ya know. It pays to stay on their good side. I know I did something to piss off The ‘Zuki to make her show me her ass on two occasions, but I never figured out exactly what. Digression.
So I decided the new ride must have a new name. I’m kinda attached to ‘Zuki. Since both current and future moto-ladies originated in Toyokawa, Japan they are Nihonjin, by definition. So what would be wrong with calling the new baby “Zukiko?” (Japanese women’s names all end in –ko, as in Junko, Satchiko, etc.) Nothing, I thought…but let’s google it, just to make sure. And I found this (pdf-alert):
Goddesses Of Earth
By DameonUzumaki
Now Zukiko, was rather quiet. She never spoke often, but would when she had to. Her hair was a silky, beaming gray. Zukiko loved music... Lullabe... Pop... or even Ballet. To show her love of music, was a very skilled flute player and wore a shirt that had a line of notes to Beethoven's own "Moonlight Sonata". She was blessed with the gift of the Wind Goddess. She was rather smart, her friends always asked her for answers. Zukiko also played music with the power of her wind.
Now is that serendipitous, or what? Of course, Zukiko is also the name of a Cambodian gay guy in Phnom Penh looking to “make friends”…or, as he puts it “je cherche les mec pour faire des conversasion et surtout faire la relation stable et durable.” Whatever.
“Stable and durable.” That’s the sort of relationship I want with my Zukiko (The Goddess of Wind).
Oh. No bean jokes, please.


  1. Well let's were fond of the old one but gave it up because it is top-heavy. Now you're settling on the new one, which is similar to the old one but is shorter and more bottom-heavy.

    How about Dolly and J-Lo?

  2. Buck,
    I think the name fits...We women do not like to be 2nd to anyone, no Jr.'s please... The music connection is good, works for her new owner. Enjoy, BE SAFE...

  3. Laughing at the Dolly and J-Lo suggestion. But ultimately I like the name Buck picked better. Sounds more exotic and doesn't conjure up celeb gossip.

  4. I was remiss in not acknowledging the comments to this post...and I really don't know why. Chalk it up to age. I can play that card these days without remorse.

    But...better late, yadda, yadda. The Dolly and J-Lo suggestions were good, Morgan. But if the 'Zuki would have been top-heavy in a Dolly-like manner, she'd still be around. And I'd not be blogging near as much. Better things to do, and all that.

    Shelly: I was both amazed and mystified at all the spot-on connections in that "Goddesses" essay, poor writing aside. That piece I quoted cinched the deal for me. And how WELL I know you women don't like...refuse, even...the thought of playing second fiddle to anyone or anything. Trust me on that one...

    Laurie: Glad you approve. Seriously.


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